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Describe Someone Older than You Whom You Admire: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Describe Someone Older than You Whom You Admire Recent Speaking Cue Card (1)

Describe someone older than you whom you admire. You should say:-

Sample 1 Describe Someone Older than You Whom You Admire

I admire so many people in this world, and I want to know a lot about them. Talking about one person who has significantly impacted my life is none other than my eldest sister. Her name is Harika assassinating because she has done many creative things such as painting and drawing. These are some of the activities she has done every once in a blue moon since my birthday. Because she was, I remember my mother saying she was the first to hold me when I was born. We do a lot of things collectively recently we went shopping. We bought a beautiful garment for her birthday. Subsequently, we cook together on weekends. I want to tell you about an incident that happened in the college days when we were organized where we made a display of beautiful quilling collection and on the occasion of women’s day made of huge money out of it post that we even went to a restaurant and gave ourselves a treat what’s the best memory best days of my life. I was on. I felt happy and grateful that I got such a person as my sibling it person I had ever seen. I feel happy and grateful that she is part of my life.

Sample 2 Describe Someone Older than You Whom You Admire

There are lots of people whom you like to admire even that is the central part. I want to spend all the time with them even most people always like to spend their time with the old people because they have a bank of knowledge and also enhance their living standards even more senior people have a lot of life experiences which people like gain from them. Here I would like to talk about a person, an old person who I admire a lot even he is my father, and he’s 50 and looks tall and handsome. I like him due to lots of qualities. Even I consider as an old people which I want or very much even my father also all my backbone in my life and all the things. I need to do it with the consent of my father because my father is one of the most experienced people and he handles 500 employees in his organisation. He also perfects all things in an appropriate manner. I like something a lot moreover I want to do a lot. Hence, frication activities with him every morning we like to go for a walk and also do exercises such as meditation which enhance our living standard sometimes my father addressed me a like with full of knowledge about the exercise. I think there is a man of the most beneficial in human life apart from having a cup of coffee in the evening and doing a crucial composition because my father is a decision maker authority and all things. I need to do it with the consent of my father because my father has a bank of knowledge honey provides a lot of information in a perfect way moreover my father also organises a motivational seminar every week my friends and other parts of family like to do attend that someone and also gains motivation from the words of my father because he is the inspiration of many of youngsters as well as for me. Hence, in the evening time we also have a game of badminton, cricket and football sometimes we are open in games. I like to win sometimes, but my father is prone. The champion player he often to succeed in this game but I never feel regret even I gonna experiences from him my father is a not only my best friend even he is a backbone and a sport of my life. I remembered vividly last month I got stuck in a difficult situation because I could not make a presentation which I got from my college. Even though I took help from my father, he immediately addressed me with many alternative answers, so I felt over the moon that the person I liked his company and wanted to spend more time with him. So he always admires me, and I wish his life lived long.

Part 3 Questions Describe Someone Older than You Whom You Admire

Question 1:- What can young and old people learn from each other?

Answer 1:- Youngsters should learn about the experiences that their parents or grandparents have faced in their life and get inspired by their parents’ achievements. Elena of Avalor’s most senior citizens are unaware of applications or simply to operate a mobile regarding modern technologies they should learn from their grandchildren or children.

Answer 2:- Well, they are numerous chapters of life young people learn from the older people apart from that older people also has a lot of experiences about the lies, so youngsters running track them self and they always like to learn honesty and a lot of in chapter about the life which day unable to solve their presence of mind even all the morals and ethics. Which youngster like to learn from their old age people because they have an extreme Route which is connected to their past so I think older people one of the best mentors in this world for the youngsters, so youngsters immediately interact with senior people and also know the way of living so I think these things million people learn from older people.

Question 2:- Has old people’s life quality improved when compared to the past?

Answer 1:- Oh yeah, there have been tremendous ideas and improvements in an older person’s quality. There was a lack of medical facilities in the previous generations, and it was challenging for them to get the required treatment on time. Better now, with the establishment of numerous hospitals and good medical amenities, it is feasible for them to receive immediate treatment.

Answer 2:- They all loads of assets which old, old people improve his quality life as compared to the past because the boom of technology all these things were invented in favour of the old age people which they enhance their living standards moreover in the past there were no any possibilities like treatment as per the hospitality and old age people suffering from severe health issues without any sort of treatments but as compare to the past a lot of inventions invented to make the lifestyle of the old age people conveniently, so they like to use all the products which they make lifestyle more accessible, so I think the size difference is between now and past.

Question 3:- Why is there a generation gap between the young and the old?

Answer 1:- As far as I am concerned, it is because of the way of thinking have senior citizens always think about spiritual and religious beliefs and want to have more and believe about what is shown rather than thinking something blindly, so I would say this is one of the reasons why there is a huge gap between two different generations.

Answer 2:- Well, the generation gap between young and old age people is quite immense because youngsters always attract themselves to RC productivity and always become more active people as they follow their favourite social celebrity over the social media network and they always adopt all auto Fashion products from their even old age people have different thinking about the life because Didn’t their experience matters more over generation gap or simply cost by age and the situation of the world at the time when the nation has grown up.

Question 4:- What do old people usually do in their life?

Answer 1:- Normally a person turns the retired women acquire or learn skills such as cooking gardening start their day by going for a quick walk in the nearby park and the rest of the day they in the morning some kind of activities such as gardening also spend time with their rockets and grandkids routine will be.

Answer 2:- Well, there are some activities which old people like to do in their all lifestyle. I think the eldest age people always spend their time in a calm ambience and spend their quality time in nature because their bodies a note for more feet to give us strength to do another activity so some old age people like to read the newspaper as well as magazine and also watch television for their entertainment purpose even my grandfather always listen to radio pause the time, so I think these activities may lead to buy the old age people.

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