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Describe Something Important that You Lost: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Describe Something Important that You Lost Recent Speaking Cue Card (1)

Describe something important that you lost. You should say:

Sample 1 Describe Something Important that You Lost

In our day-to-day life, we have a plethora of chances to lose a lot of valuable items because of negligence. That may be our valet, mobile phones, ornaments and so on. Today I would like to talk about an important item which I had lost years before. It was a branded watch of Tissot. For me, it was very precious and costly because my elder brother gifted me on the occasion of my birthday. I kept this watch as a fantastic gift, knowing it cost a fortune. I lost watch in between playing a cricket game. As a safe side, I kept this watch in the open holder pocket of my scooter, and I enjoyed the cricket. It was a fantastic match, and we won the game in an excellent way. After some festive occasions, all the players, including me, had planned to went back home. Unfortunately, I realized that I had lost my precious watch. I searched nearby vehicles over there, but tragically, I realized the truth. Earlier, some of my friends told me to keep that inside cabin, but I neglected his words, and I thought about when pigs fly. I was totally monotonous and shattered because I had lost the most valuable item in my life. When I reached back, I shared this incident with my elder brother. He always me well and also promised me the new one.

Sample 2 Describe Something Important that You Lost

They are a lot of things which I all lost in my day-to-day life even that is every phase of people life which they suffer from this situation a lot of people also face a problem of lost in the day to day life even they get lost their favourite things. Here I would like to talk about the things which I lost in the library; so I remember vividly when I got the summer vacation from college, I lost a month even though I had a lot of time to spend my quality time on productivity, so I made my mind to spend my quality time in reading books. I often too visited a library on that time apart from that I also bought some reading books over there it was only a basic story about the technology. So I prefer to read the books all day inside the library even one time the weather was not suitable because it was too rainy and I immediately forgot that place which I chose to read in a library apart from that. I got back home, and I found I had left my important book on the desk of the library. Even I was wonderstruck at first sight, and my reaction was totally different. However, it’s my favourite book. I immediately moved ahead to the library and also shared my concerns with the supervisor over there, and he immediately checked the CCTV camera, but unfortunately, the CCTV camera didn’t work at that time. So I was in a dilemma because it was my favourite book and I also made a poster about the books and hanged over the library. But I didn’t find anything. So that was a time when I lost my book.

Part 3 Questions Describe Something Important that You Lost

Question 1. What kinds of people may lose things often?

Answer 1:- For me, there is a humongous chance of lost items from everyone. This is because of negligence or irresponsibility. In addition, youngsters and adults sometimes forget to pick up their valuable items from restaurants, supermarkets, or cafes. It may happen in everyone’s life.

Answer 2:- There are lots of things which people easily forget in their day-to-day life because some people are already in a hurry and a move forward their workplace so easily forget their wallet and money even watch is important stuff inside their own pockets fighting these blogging search for most on the turn on top of those things which they lost apart from that student also allows some kind of things like eraser pencil box books and some another essential item.

Question 2. What can we do to prevent losing important things?

Answer 1:- Definitely, we must take care of our valuable items. We didn’t get back if some of them may have been lost. As a feasible solution, most of the personal belongings are attached with other larger equipment. Like, valets and mobile phones are attached with bags or bangles. So, chances are comparatively minute to lost.

Answer 2:- There are numerous ideas which people need to improve and reduce the situation of loss even every people spend quality time in meditation and enhance the power of the mind so every morning they have to do exercise and also enhance their living standards practice is to make the people healthier and not easily forget their things a day to day life.

Question 3. What would you do if you saw something valuable that didn’t belong to you on the street?

Answer 1:- There are numerous occasions in our life to get valuable items from unexpected places like in between train or bus journey, from parks or restaurants. Earlier, I got a lady’s purse from a leading restaurant. I immediately realized that owner had forgotten to pick them up after their meals. Instantly, I had over that purse to the restaurant manager and posted a picture of a particular purse on Facebook with a hashtag of lost items.

Answer 2:- I mediately complain to the nearest police station about that product even I submitted all out of time into the police station because of something or very crucial role and valuable which I can’t keep myself I know the importance of that thing which people forget and lose them even I in trying to make a post over is your social media also mention my number if anyone like finding this item from the sources which I provide I hand them over with the identification.

Question 4. What kinds of things have you lost so far?

Answer 1:- I have only lost a few belongings so far. For example, watch pens, a mobile phone, and a hat. However, when I was a child and at the time of schooling, I had lost plenty of pencils, erasers, and so on.

Answer 2:- Are there ample things which I lose in my day-to-day life, even I lost my luxury watch, phone, even my books in the library? I know the importance of these products because all the things my favourite I never do such kind of thing in future because I know the importance of these values of quite immense in my day to day life so every time I re-check everything which I wear.

Question 5. What do you usually do to look for lost items?

Answer 1:- After losing a group of items, my parents and brothers fired me, which happened only because of my negligence. So, I take care of my items more punctually. For this, I double-check my belongings alternatively. This idea helped me to keep my things more confidential.

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