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Describe Something That Surprised You

Describe Something That Surprised You
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Describe Something That Surprised You

Sample 1 Describe Something That Surprised You

No doubt, surprises and good news always delight a person and bring a huge smile to their face. However, there have been many surprising moments in my life. But one that I will share here is the surprise: my sister gave me on my 16th birthday. My elder sister, who has been living in Canada for a long time now, couldn’t travel to India for almost five years without any intimation. She arrived on my 16th birthday, and I was on cloud nine to see her on the doorsteps as she entered; she gave me a warm hug and wished me happy birthday and handed over a parcel to me. As I opened the parcel, I couldn’t believe my eye because it was the latest iPhone handset I had dreamed of for a long time. I was super happy on this day because nothing could have been a better gift for me on this special day. We all enjoyed the party to the fullest, allowing me to share my happiness with my sister and family. We’ve taken many photos, and whenever I see them, I recall the memories and the surprise that my sister gave me.

Sample 2 Describe Something That Surprised You

There is no ambiguity in saying that each and every people gave and received a surprise from their kith and kin on special days such as birthdays and universities. Also, I received many surprises in my from parents and friends, and I felt like Dogs With two tails; however, today, I would love to share a special surprise which I received from my mother in April at my twenty-third birthday party, which is none other than a traditional suit in pink colour that my favourite. Moreover, my mother lived away from her family due to her army profession. Before that time, she did not attend my birthday when I saw it, and I started jumping. This movement was amazing. Apart from that, all the family members began to talk and discuss their experiences. Also, my mother asked questions related to health from everyone, but when 5 o’clock, my mother wished me and gave me a traditional suit; I felt overwhelmed, which I could not explain in words. All in all, this was the time when I got surprised by my mother, which was memorable for me.

Follow Ups Describe Something That Surprised You

Question 1. Do you like surprises?

Answer 1:- I like surprises because I feel special. To surprise someone, we have to plan a few things by devoting our time, and if someone does it for me, I become a fan of that person.

Answer 2:- Truly speaking, I love surprises so because this can understand the feeling and emotions of families and friends, which help strong bonding with others.

Question 2. What has been the biggest surprise in your life?

Answer 1:– The biggest surprise of my life was when I went for an interview, and among eight hundred candidates, I was the only one who received the offer letter.

Answer 2:- I attended a plethora of surprises in my life, but the most important is the smartphone I received from my grandmother.

Question 3. What do you think is the most surprising thing about you?

Answer 1:- The most surprising thing about me is that I perform my best under stress. Most people give their best when they feel motivated. On the other hand, I draw inspiration from my failures to lead my life toward an impressive growth trajectory.

Answer 2:- It is a controversial matter, but from my point of view nowadays the most crucial surprise is a birthday and someone who far away such schoolfriend accidentally when they met this movement is outstanding.

Question 4. What surprised you about getting old?

Answer 1:- The most surprising thing about getting old is that our needs become limited. We understand the true meaning of life and our personality undergoes a paradigm shift.

Answer 2:- Undoubtedly, uncountable, I was surprised to get old as toys, something I got attained unexpected marks in senior secondary.

Question 5. How do you feel when you do not get any surprises on your birthday?

Answer 1:- Honestly, I would feel terrible if I did not get any surprises on my birthday. I love to get surprises from my near and dear ones to feel special, and it has always been a ritual to give surprises sometimes at home or in hotels.

Answer 2:- I felt butterflies in my stomach when I do not get surprised, and I cooperated with the situation and enjoyed this movement.

Question 6. What is the importance of surprises?

Answer 1:- Gifts are gestures of love. They strengthen bonds of friendship. Gifts make the recipient feel special.

Answer 2:- There is an enormous indispensable surprise for the masses which get from near and dear like laptops, dresses, help and wishes from adults.

Question 7. Is there any pressure on us to buy presents?

Answer 1:- As such, there is no pressure on us to buy presents. But sometimes when we receive costly presents, then there is pressure to reciprocate in the same way. Then it may cause pressure. I believe that gifts should be just gestures of love. There are so many choices of gifts. This may seem good to some, but I often get confused when it comes to selecting a gift.

Answer 2:- No, everyone buys gifts according to their liking and budget whereas some people prefer large and small for instance in India most of the masses give presents in the form of money which is more beneficial for them.

Question 8. Do Indian people often give surprises?

Answer 1:- Yes, Indian people like to give surprises. They also give gifts on special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Answer 2:- Of course, Indian mortals always get secret events on birthdays and traditional events from others.

Question 9. What’s the value of giving surprises?

Answer 1:- Surprises are like gifts, a gesture of love. They give happiness to the giver as well as the receiver.

Answer 2:- Receiving surprise builds strong relationships, and people feel happy. Its importance of it which can not express in wording. Sometimes people get a chance to achieve success in their careers. To cite an example, when I was in 10 grade, I had a much-needed laptop, which I surprisingly got from my aunt.

Question 10. Describe some of the surprises that Indian people give each other on different occasions.

Answer 1:- People give all sorts of surprises to each other. They also give materialistic gifts like sweets, chocolates, clothes, electronic items, or gift cards to their friends and relatives as a surprise.

Question 11. Do children prefer receiving gifts or spending happy time with their parents?

Answer 1:- Children are very innocent. They love receiving gifts. They take the happy time with their parents for granted. So, they don’t give it much value.

Answer 2:- In the contemporary world, this tendency is boosted by leaps and bounds among children due fast pace of technology. They always receive gifts from guardians such as clothes and many luxurious things along with special occasions, and they like to spend quality time with them.

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