Cue Card : Describe a Surprise You Had

Cue Card: Describe a Surprise You Had

You should say

  • When and where it happened,
  • Why you were surprised,
  • Who gave this surprise to you,
  • Why you felt about it afterwards )

Sample Answer of Cue Card: Describe a Surprise You Had

In the contemporary world, an individual had an enormous chance to deliver surprising gifts in prolonged ways. For example, through online, through our closed ones, and direct. Even very few event management companies are also ready to help for the same. Today I would like to talk about an occasion, and it happened last year on my birthday.

Usually, more than numerous wishes from friends and relatives, there were no extraordinary celebrations on the birthdays apart from cake cutting. My family members were in a good celebration mood in the morning, and I understand they planned for something unusual. But, I did not get what it was, and nobody was not ready to reveal it.


After the cake cutting ceremony, my son, master Aarav, gifted me an orthodox gift hamper. I was surprised and curious because I cannot predict what was inside of it. When I tried to unwrap the gift, I was overwhelmed with unlimited joy. It was a fantastic caricature of mine. Literally, it was astonishing, nicely blend with colours, and framed the edges attractively. I was surprised because of how he managed all the things individually. It is one of the most precious gets I ever had. Apart from this, I appreciate his creativity and initiation for such a fantastic gift.

Follow-ups Cue Card: Describe a Surprise You Had

Question 1. Why do friends meet up?

Answer – Friends are meet up with each other for numerous reasons. The first and foremost thing is it shows the bonding and strength of their relations. Secondly, meeting due to a social gathering, such as social events, reunions, etc. Finally, they meet up to combine studies or mutual project works and official duties.

Question 2. Are there any meetings that people need to plan?

Of course, it is mandatory to planned such meetings for both formal and informal. For example, for official meetings, people should prepare for its’ agenda and its’ remedies. At the same time, individuals must plan where or when for unofficial meetings and why to meet.

Question 3. Are there any jobs related to unexpected things?

For me, there are no such things to happen unexpectedly. To cite an example, every reputed organization’s operation is related to its’ vision and mission. They should insist their employees work as per their motto.

Question 4. Do unexpected things lead to progress in our society?

Answer – Of course, several things hardly affect our society unpredicted. These may be the influence of natural resources, human behaviour, and technological impact. In addition, the influence of social media, electronic gadgets, and non-reusable objects are threatening our society.

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