Describe Something that Your Country Exports

Describe Something that Your Country Exports. or Describe a Product from Your Area ( Such as Food or Handcraft)

  • What Is the Product?
  • What is it used for?
  • How is it made?]
  • And explain why your Area produces this thing.

Sample 1: Describe Something that Your Country Exports

Well, my hometown is famous for a variety of things like food, clothes as well as some traditional items. Here I would like to speak about a product for which my hometown is very famous, and it is for Jaggery. Jaggery is used for various purposes, like in making deserts, and people usually prefer to add jaggery powder instead of sugar because Jaggery is more healthy than sugar.

Moreover, jaggery powder gives a unique taste when jaggery powder is used to make rice pudding and some other kinds of products at festivals. It is made from sugarcane through a mechanical process, and sugarcane turns into syrup. After that, it is dried, and Jaggery is formed.

My hometown produces Jaggery as well as jaggery powder. It has become a centre of purchasing Jaggery as it is made in hygienic conditions, and people are very conscious about their health, so when it initially started to sell in the market, people purchased a lot. Hence, the demand for Jaggery increased.

That is the reason it has become a centre for selling Jaggery and the products made out of Jaggery. I also believe that jaggery powder is healthier than artificial sugar as it contains essential nutrients which can help in increasing haemoglobin as well as strengthening the immunity of people. So this is the product which is sold like hotcakes.

Sample 2: Describe Something that Your Country Exports

Due to globalization, every nation trades with other countries. I am living in India. India exports numerous products to different countries according to their requirements. India is a big exporter of rice.

Every year, India exports millions of tonnes of rice to different countries. India’s almost 55 % of land is used for agricultural purposes. Different kinds of crops and vegetables are produced in different parts of the country depending upon weather conditions.

Rice production is almost 30% of all the food items produced from agriculture. Rice is a raw food item used in cooking. It is a traditional food in India. Approx 60% of the population of India eats rice. In our country, in different regions, rice is used as the most loving dish.

For instance, Rice curry is famous in Punjab, and Rajma Rice is famous in the Himachal state. Making rice is very simple. All you need to do is put rice in a jar full of water and just boil it for some time. Everyone has their way of making it. Some just boil it, and some include some vegetables.

In agriculture, what can be grown depends on the type of soil and weather conditions. Maximum parts of India are suited for rice production. Economically, it is good because rice is in high demand from its neighbouring countries, and India earns a lot of funds by exporting rice to others.

Follow-up Questions

Question 1: Why is it that people use products that are imported?

Answer 1:- People consider imported products to be good quality and more durable. So they think it is a good idea to purchase important things, and advertisements do well in promoting the sales of imported goods.

Question 2: Do different areas have their very own products that are popular?

Answer 1:- Yes, every area has their product for which they are famous. Some areas are famous for handicrafts, while others are famous for food because the speciality of a place makes an area famous, and people go there mostly to relish the food and to purchase traditional items.

Answer 2:- Yes, every region has its popular product. Shimla is known for wooden arts and crafts. There is a market where we found specifically wooden items engraved manually in different shapes.

Question 3: What food is a favourite around the world?

Answer 1:- Well fast food is the favourite of all the people, and in fast food, I think Chinese, Italian and Mexican, these are very popular. People love to eat fast food as their taste is unique due to ingredients as well as reasonable rates.

Question 4: Why do people residing in various areas like food that is different?

Answer 1:- People reside in different areas where food is different because they need to work there as well as for promotional prospects. They start living in a place where food is different from their own culture.

Question 5: What are some of the top food products (“foods”) that your country produces?

Answer 1:- My country is well renowned for producing handicrafts. Tourists all over the world like to purchase them, including footwear, ethnic wear and some desserts.

Answer 2:- In my country, there are different kinds of food items produced. Rice, wheat, peace and beans are the most popular ones. Apart from that, some raw vegetables like tomato, potato, onion and cucumber are also produced in some regions of India.

Question 6: What are some food products that come from different parts of your country?

Answer 1:- Well, foreign fruits, toys, and clothes usually come from other countries to my country. There is a good demand for these things as people have great trust in products due to their usability.

Question 7: What widely consumed food products are mainly imported into your country?

Answer 1:- Well, breakfast cereals, as well as spices and pasta, pizza, croissants, and doughnuts, are very popular and are eaten more.

Question 8: Do you think it’s essential that a country is self-sufficient in food?

Answer 1:- Yes, a country needs to be independent in producing food because it will be able to satisfy the hunger of everyone as well, and the prices of food will be reasonable, and everybody can afford, but if these products are imported from other countries, then this will be out of reach for the middle class.

Answer 2:- Undoubtedly, food is essential for every human being. Every nation’s success depends on the healthy food consumed by its citizens. Moreover, a nation should be self-sufficient to feed its citizens even in harsh situations. Due to global warming, we can observe heavy rain in some places while drought in others. To compete with all these difficulties, a country should be self-sufficient in food. It is also beneficial from an economic point of view we can save lots of money which we use to import some food items.

Question 9: Besides food and the product you mentioned earlier, what else is made in your country?

Answer 1:- Well, apart from producing food and Jaggery, my country is famous for making traditional items such as jewellery. Hyderabad is best known for making beautiful jewellery from the tusks of elephants, and it is considered very pure as people worship the elephant as Ganesha.

Answer 2:- Apart from food products. India is a large producer of leather industries. Many items of clothing accessories like belts, shoes and handbags, which are good in quality and high in demand, are made of leather.

Question 10: Do you think the globalisation of industry and commerce is a good thing?

Answer 1:- Well definitely globalisation of industry and trade is a good thing because one country can sell its well-known products to other countries and this exchange of products can strengthen the relationship as well as remove culture stock and culture can be well spread in the world. It will also help in reducing International tensions.

Answer 2:- With the help of globalization, it is easy to trade with other countries. Due to this, nations can import and export different kinds of products. It is beneficial to improve trade relations with others as well as get to know about different types of cultures from different parts of the world.

Question 11: Do you think every country should make everything it needs or should it import some things?

Answer 1:- Well, first of all, a country should produce goods for its people because if it can produce enough for the whole population, then it can think of importing something to enhance its economy; otherwise, sending it to other countries and ignoring one’s population need can put a country at risk as well as there will be more brain drain.

Question 12: What are the disadvantages of a country producing everything it needs?

Answer 1:- If a country produces things only for its population and doesn’t import anything to other countries, it has great disadvantages in that it will not be able to increase its economy. In future, it will not get a good rapport and will be considered backward. Sometimes, a country can increase the prices of products, which are difficult for poor people to pay.

Answer 2:- However a country should be self-sufficient in food, but to get updated with new technology and culture, trade relations play a vital role. Not only learning point of view with the help of trading social bond is also improved between nations which further beneficial for their citizens.

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