Describe Something You Bought that Was Difficult to Use at First Cue Card

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Describe Something You Bought That Was Difficult to Use at First. You Should Say:

  • What It Was
  • Why Did You Buy It
  • How You Use It
  • And Explain Why It Was Difficult to Use at First.

Sample 1: Describe Something You Bought that Was Difficult to Use at First Cue Card

Well, buying a new thing as a kid is an amazing experience, and it gives immense happiness to a person. Here I would like to speak about something which my father bought, and it was a very daunting task for me to use it at first.

It was a bicycle my father bought me on my birthday as a present. I was happy to see it first as I had a desire to ride it with my friends. All my friends had bicycles, so I was over the moon when I got them from my father.

My father purchased it for me because he had no time to drop me at my school. I used it to reach my school on time. Many times, I fell off and got bruises, and I thought of giving up the idea of riding a bicycle but riding it with friends again stimulated me to use it.

It was challenging for me to use at first because it had foot brakes, which allowed me to stop my bike by paddling backward. Moreover, it was different from other bicycles due to this feature.

After practicing a lot, I became an expert in riding it, and I was happy that I learned it on my own. That was the time when I wrote about a bicycle, which was very difficult for me to use at first.

Sample 2: Describe Something You Bought that Was Difficult to Use at First Cue Card

I buy many different products from online and offline stores, and I am a very good creature, so I learn very fast about others compared to others. And many of them are weird technologies, so here I would like to talk about a product named virtual reality.

VR It’s a product that shows 3D animation. This technology product allows you to play games or watch anything in 3D, and by using this product, you can learn anything physically in virtual reality. In my second year of college, I bought this product because of a project related to virtual reality.

It was about 22,000 rupees in currency, so my friend, all of them together, bought this product because it was very expensive. It’s very easy because in this product you need to wear it with your eyes, like in your class, and there are also two controllers in your hand with which you can do anything, like play a game or do your work on that.

It is also used in fields like learning, where many children, including medical children, learn in-depth surgical things in virtual reality, and also in the engineering sector.

We use this purpose to create the software in this virtual reality. It took me two years to make this program, and it was challenging because in the first 15 days, I just learned how to control the joystick, and then after, I learned graphics in this technology.

Follow-up Questions: Describe Something You Bought that Was Difficult to Use at First Cue Card

Question 1:- Do You Often Buy New Things?

Answer 1:- Well, I don’t buy regularly. I buy things when I have a need, like attending weddings or some social get-together.

Answer 2:- No, not very often, but whenever I need something new, and it’s very important to me and very interesting, ly buy the new thing because I’m a very curious person, especially technological devices. I always buy new technological devices when it comes to the market.

Question 2:- What Type of Products Is Difficult to Use at First?

Answer 1:- Well, laptops, kitchen appliances like food processors, and microwaves sometimes are very difficult to operate. As new technology develops, such machines’ working mechanism is very complex.

Answer 2:- Nowadays, technological devices are very difficult to use because every year, new technological devices are introduced, and their way of being used is very difficult year by year. There are also different kinds of products there that are difficult to use, but for me, technological devices are very hard.

Question 3:- What Are the Benefits of Online Shopping?

Answer 1:- Well, online shopping has many benefits
People don’t need to visit the local market and carry a lot of cash to pay for these things because online shopping gives a variety of things at a time to select anyone which they like, and they can pay online, and sometimes great discounts also save their money.

Answer 2:- There are numerous benefits of online shopping for work. You can go shopping anywhere, like at home or in some places, and you can also compare multiple products at the same time. There are also more options available in online shopping, so with this, some shopping apps like Flipkart and Amazon give discounts on special occasions. Only online shopping provides a cash-on-delivery option, and there are also many benefits to e-shopping.

Question 4:- What Are the Disadvantages of Online Shopping?

Answer 1:- Well, online shopping sometimes misleads people by displaying wrong kinds of information like the prices as well as color and fabric are not the same as they see on the screen. Sometimes, it takes a lot of time to refund the money.

Answer 2:- Online shopping has some disadvantages, such as the quality of products; you can’t know the quality of products without touching them, such as clothes. Also, in recent years, there have been some frauds in online shopping. Many retailers give some dummy products and don’t give replacement offers, so many people lose their money on dummy products.

Question 5:- Why Do Some People Buy Only Branded Items?

Answer 1:- Some people buy only branded items because they think they will improve their look, as branded clothes reshape the people’s personality due to fine fabric and stitching.

Answer 2:- People buy branded items because their quality products have a higher quality, even if they are very expensive. That’s why they provide quality products; some people buy quality products because of showing offs nowadays. In this fashionable era, some branded products have then places, such as Gucci.

Question 6:- Would You Say that Advertising Makes People Buy More News Things than They Would If There Was No Advertising?

Answer 1:- Yes, adverts make people buy more things even if they don’t need to because glossy brochure attract their attention and influence people to bring a change in their looCelebritiesies are chosen for it to influence people.

Answer 2:- Yes, definitely, advertising encourages people to buy a particular product because nowadays, advertisement is a form of weight to show the product’s quality. Also, many times, advertisement only shows the good side of the product and doesn’t even show the bad side, which affects a customer’s choice-making.

Question 7:- Do You Think Old(er) People Have Difficulties Using Some Things that Young People Do Not?

Answer 1:- Yes, older people have difficulties in using things that are very easy for youngsters, like laptops, computers, and kitchen appliances. It is because older people don’t have as sharp memories as youngsters have, and technology is very complex, so understanding the functions of things older people takes a lot of time.

Answer 2:- ely. I think older people have a difficult time using modern technology like smartphones and laptops. In comparison, younger people don’t have that difficulty because older people aren’t aware of using touch-paid phones. Because in the past, these technological designs did not exist, some older people didn’t have knowledge about how to drive, and their physical condition was also a factor.

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