Describe Something You Bought that Was Difficult to Use at First: IELTS Speaking Topics

Describe something you bought that was difficult to use at first. You should say:

  • What is it?
  • When did you buy it?
  • What does it do?
  • Explain how difficult it was to be used.

Sample Answer of Describe Something You Bought that Was Difficult to Use at First: IELTS Speaking Topics

There are numerous items which I buy in my day-to-day life. Even some things are totally high-tech machinery which I unable to rectify and operate efficiently because it contains very advanced technology which know any people like to perform efficiently at a first time and here I would like to talk about a thing which I used a first time and it was challenging to use apart from that I also remember vividly last year when I got summer vacation from my college and also got the assignment which I completed in a three days even I had very limited time so on that time I bought a laptop with the manufacture of Apple even I also got that laptop about 15% of over the online apart from that after two days when I got that laptop when I opens that box I felt over the moon because I had never seen that kind of machine in my whole life I know this laptop is quite expensive but I managed with my all the savings when I tried to operate at a first time so I was in massive dilemma how to operate and start the laptop over there because it contains no any starter button even I tried a lots of idea even took a help from the online customer care but I failed after that even i charged the battery after that I failed. Moreover, I also read the manual that came with this laptop and got some ideas, but you know I cannot collect information on how to use that laptop the first time and immediately. I had a conversation with one of my best friends, Rahul. Even he also used the same laptop as saying, manufacturer. He also shared various techniques and intelligent options to use that laptop straightforwardly, so finally, after two days, I struggled a lot. I started the computer when I saw the screen over there. I was on cloud nine because of a lot of work I did. I got results after that. I used the laptop for seven days, so I became a master after seven days. Now I often use it in my day-to-day life, so that is the thing which I bought the first time and unable to operate because it is a very advanced machine. No one people use that laptop first, so I strongly recommend to my friend when they like to buy this laptop they always take a proper and training from the exports then go shopping.

Follow-ups of Describe Something You Bought that Was Difficult to Use at First: IELTS Speaking Topics

Question 1:- What type of products is difficult to use at first?

Answer- We have lots of products which are unable to use for the first time even if it contains a piece of high-tech machinery. Even older people cannot operate smartphones, laptops and electronic instruments. They cannot understand the function of these gadgets because the in technology advancement has been rapidly searched over the years. Many people cannot use all the things with your presence of mind even need to quiet the training they need to take from exports. Some people like to prefer YouTube. Even some want to post videos about people who cannot use these gadgets the first time.

Question 2:- What are the benefits of online shopping?

Answer- There are ample benefits of online shopping even it brings cheerful elephants among the people because online shopping also gives tremendous help in the lifestyle of the people some of the products which people get on a very reasonable rest rate which they unable to get from the off-line market another reason is that me people also get the product on their time manner even the delivery is speedy of every product and some of the online shopping website offers various kind of discounts and attractive offers which people get attracted to watch them I need to buy many things at the same time so last but not the least many people also get numerous of righty of clothes and shoes according to their desire which they are not able to go physically in the shop. Hence, I think that option could be very convenient for people busy in their rat race.

Question 3:- Why do some people buy only branded items?

Answer- There are many reasons why people always tend to buy branded items; the first reason is that the quality, even branded items always comes with a superior quality which people like to use in day to day lives and the life duration of that that pizza quite too long and the another is that branded products always gives many attractive offers which people attract them self and also buy many things in one bucket. Many people also go for branded items even the varieties of clothes is incredible how many people also get confused during shopping about which product suits their personality because the options are too vast.

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