Describe something you did to help others ielts exam

Describe something you did to help others speaking cue card

Where did you help/ what was the situation?


How you helped

What was their reaction after your help


3years ago, I stayed in the library till late at night to prepare for final exam. While I was studying, I heard heavy rain sound. The rain seemed to be stronger, so I packed my things up to back home. Before I left the library, I spotted a blind standing in front of the library entrance. I found out that she didn’t have an umbrella. I asked her why are you standing here, and she said she is waiting till the rain is stopped.


It was already late night so there was no one who could give her a helping hand beside me. Thus, I asked her address for the purpose of seeing her home. I shared my umbrella with her by her destination. Although It was about half an hour far from the library by walking and my all clothes and shoes got wet through, I felt good when she said ” thanks” with her beautiful smile.


Meanwhile, however, I feel a bit uncomfortable about it as she might not be happy with my kind if she thought that I pity her. At the time I helped her, I should have considered and been careful about her feeling more. I thought to give a hand to others is not that easy on the way home.

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1. In general, why do people help others?

I think it’s the kindness that exists in most human hearts, at least a little. Many of us have needed some help ourselves from time to time, and we know what it feels like to need something. We know it feels good to have help from others when we need it, so we want to help others in the same way. Also, as I mentioned before, often it simply makes us happy to help others in some way.

2. Do you think it’s important to help people who need help?

Of course, it’s important. We have a responsibility to do our part whether it’s in our family, our workplace, or amongst friends. None of us are like little islands with nothing or no one around us. We influence each other, and contribute to the atmosphere and environment around us, at least we should. And just as we want others to help us, we should naturally be willing to help others.

3. How do you feel after you have helped someone?

Usually, I feel very good when I’ve helped someone. Even if the help I gave was difficult for me or ai an inconvenient time. Even if it was a sacrifice for me, afterward it seems that I am happier than when I began, and sometimes I even seem to have more energy or time left for myself. It may sound funny, but sometimes it seems a little like magic how I end up with more time or more energy or more money or whatever after I have given some away to another person.

4. Many people only look out for themselves and never think about helping others. What do you think of this attitude?

I think it’s sad. I know it is common, but it’s sad statement of modern life, at least in big cities. I know not everybody is that way, but nowadays lot of people have become very selfish. It seems that so many people are in such a rush to get rich or get better jobs or into the best schools that they hardly even notice people who need help. Maybe if people were not so absorbed in their own worlds, they would see the needs more and would do something about it. At least I hope so.

5. What is the most important way for a country to help visitors?

Probably the most common form of help needed by foreigners is helping with the language. I’ve also seen foreigners on the streets who seem to be a little lost. Sometimes they’re looking at their maps trying to find a famous tourist spot, so giving directions is another common way to help foreigners. I’ve done this a few times, and it was an interesting chance to talk to someone from another country.

6. Do you think that countries should help other countries in need?

Yes. by all means. Our country has helped other countries many times, such as after the tsunami caused so much damage in Thailand, Indonesia, and India. We also sent aid to the United States after the severe hurricanes a few years ago. I think we should look at the world as a very large neighborhood, and if we can try and do as much as possible for our neighbors, everyone is a lot happier and friendlier towards each other.

7. What kinds of people need help in China?

I think one of the biggest groups in our society needing help is the farmers. It would be better if the wealth and economic progress in our country were more evenly distributed. I live in a fairly prosperous family. We’re not rich but we do have plenty, and though I’m happy about this, I feel a little guilty that others have so much less than I do.

8. How does the government try to help these people?

I think one of the main ways is by investing in business in a certain part of the country so that more jobs are created for the local people. Another way is by providing training, for example in farming, in ways that can increase productivity. Also, the government should make sure that officials of the provinces are doing their jobs correctly. The government is trying to eliminate corruption at the local level.

9. Are there any non-government organizations in China that help people?

Yes, there are. At first, many of these were foreign, but that is changing now. Although there are still foreign organizations that help people, there are also more and more Chinese charitable organizations being set up. I just read some articles about this.

10. Where do these organizations get their money from?

The foreign organizations get their money from overseas. Some of the bindings are governmental, but a lot of it comes from private donations. Here in China, more individuals arc getting involved in charities. It’s relatively new, but with the increased income of people, there is more of an awareness of a need to help others who are less fortunate.

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