Describe Something You Do to Keep Fit and Healthy: Cue Card

Describe Something you do to keep fit and healthy

  • What do you do?
  • Where do you do it?
  • Who do you do it with?
  • And explain why you think that doing this is healthy.

Sample Answer of Describe Something You Do to Keep Fit and Healthy

Well, I am a Witness friend, so I do a lot of things to keep my fair body healthy and fit. So such as. I exercise, running, skipping and riding a cycle as well. I go running every day in the morning and do meditation and yoga, actually.

So here I would like to talk about one of the activities which I do every day to eat my life to keep fit my body and stay healthy physically as well as mentally. So the name of this activity is to ride a cycle actually.

I used to write Cycle in my childhood as well, and I have been reading Cycles from my childhood. It is the best activity to do to keep our ID healthy as well as history is good for our environment. I do it daily in my village.


Actually, it has one big park in the centre of the city. So I spend a minimum of 30 minutes to 40 minutes daily riding a bicycle. I have always gone there alone. I always like to do it by myself. No one is with me because if I have someone, then I start communicating with them, and I don’t like to make an effort to communicate, and it’s better to be alone.

And I think it is a very good way to skip play healthy because when we ride a cycle, we move our full body by legs and over the top. So I think it’s the best way to keep our body healthy, and also, it’s not rocket science to write why cycles are available in the market nowadays, so we can just purchase them. The ride anywhere. We don’t require any license to ride bicycles.

Part 3 Questions Describe Something You Do to Keep Fit and Healthy

Question 1:- How do children and old people keep fit and healthy?

Answer – Children like to play a lot of outdoor sports such as cricket and world balls and badminton and old people like to go to the park and do some time works as well as they can start laughing. Clubs. So I think there are a variety of ways by which they can keep their body healthy and fit. All people also can eat or consume fruits which are good in amount of proteins and the best way.

Question 2:- What do people normally do to keep fit and healthy in your country?

Answer – In my country, all people have different choices. Most people like to do meditation and yoga to keep their bodies fit and healthy. Nowadays, there are a lot of motivational speakers who also inspire people to do meditations for 20 to 30 minutes per day. And it’s also good for our mental health and physical health. So many people like to follow that and some other people like to go to the gym, most of the younger people spend some time doing exercises like weightlifting, your push-ups, pull-ups and many more. And children always play with their friends and in the village or in the city areas like cricket and volleyball.

Question 3:- How can parents help and guide their kids to keep healthy?

Answer – I think it is the best way to parents can guide that kill children about their health. First and foremost they can tell about the active impact of health, and also they can provide a good source of foods and good like. Fruit or any? Dry fruit that they can eat and make themselves healthy as well as they can avoid using mobile phones and tell them to come out and play somehow to sports.

Question 4:- Do you think it is good for governments to utilize popular celebrities to help build health awareness?

Answer – Yes, I think it is the best way to use popular celebrities which can. It inspires people to focus on their health, and nowadays, there are a lot of wire regiments also available on social media like television. So most people like to follow them, and that’s why most people can. B. Physically fit and also mentally fit.

Question 5:- Do you think people in your country are less healthy today than they used to be? [Why/ why not?]

Answer – Yes, of course; I think nowadays, most people are completely unaware of their health as compared to the past. Because in the past, most people consumed their home foods as well as they also followed a lot of bad plans. But nowadays, most people are living hectic lifestyles, and they don’t have time to prepare food at home. That’s why they prefer to consume food outside. The home and that’s why they. They are. That’s why they are. Fill some obesity? Yes, and they have his shoes.

Question 6:- How can the government encourage young people to stay healthy?

Answer – Government can encourage young people in a variety of ways to stay healthy. First and foremost, the government can. Introduce new parks and freecycling areas by which people can travel by car rather than car. They can also organize some events like running marathons and sports events so people can participate and keep themselves healthy.

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Question 7:- Should governments intervene to force people to do physical exercise and eat healthily? [Why? / Why not?]

Answer – Actually, it is difficult for the government to force people on what to eat and what is good for exercise. I think it is the responsibility of their own cells to eat some good foods and exercise on regular beaches so because the government can control them. Who are the peoples about their needs so people can understand them? Problems related to fitness and then they can follow by yourself.

Question 8:- Which one is more important for a healthy life – a healthy diet or a regular exercise plan? [Why?]

Answer – I think both are most important to be good health, life, a healthy diet is also important because of her If we eat fast food by continuing exercise then it is also not effect on our body and secondly if do regular exercise but not for our diets plans then. It’s also not helpful to grow our health.

Question 9:- Why do more people visit doctors and hospitals today than at any time in the past?

Answer – Nowadays, many people don’t focus on their health, which is why they feel a lot of problems with their health. That’s why they need to go to the doctor’s visit. Take a solution from the doctors. But in the past, most people liked to eat healthy food, and that’s why they don’t never—had any problems related to health. That’s why they used to go very less.

Question 10:- Should offices have a dedicated place for exercise? How can this help employees?

Answer – I think it is the better best option to decide on some exercise places in the office. For example, if offices have some sports space where people can spend some time playing some different sports so they can be free of their selves by paying guests kinds of sports as well as they can communicate with you. The exercise they can do besides the work.

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