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Describe Something You Do To Keep Yourself Concentrated

Describe Something You Do To Keep Yourself Concentrated (2)

Describe something you do to keep yourself concentrated

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Sample answer of Describe something you do to keep yourself concentrated

Well, I do a lot of things to keep myself concentrated. I also took the help of medications but I didn’t prove well. When I came in contact with one of my old friends, then he suggested me to do yoga, meditation, or eat a balanced diet. Since then, I have been doing and really it proved well.

I do these activities sometimes in the park which is a stone’s throw from my home and if the weather is not good then I try to do it at my home. I don’t think allopathic medicines can help a lot to increase the concentration of a person and when I started to do this it really improved my concentration.

Earlier I had the habit of forgetfulness. I could not focus on my work and many times due to lack of concentration, I faced failure but now after adopting these techniques, I feel more confident.

Recently, I took part in an optical illusion that needs a lot of concentration and I was amazed to see that I found the hidden treasure in a few seconds. I won a cash prize. It all happened due to my concentration that I enhanced with the help of doing Yoga, meditation, and a balanced diet. So I think natural remedies are more beneficial than artificial ones, which cannot provide a long-term solution.

Follow-ups Describe something you do to keep yourself concentrated

Question 1 Is it important for children to learn how to concentrate?

Answer – Yes children need to learn to concentrate because it’s their stage to grow and if they concentrate then they can get good rewards and it will also be helpful for them in many other co-curricular activities.

Question 2 What can employers do to help employees concentrate?

Answer – Well employees can help a lot of their employees to concentrate like they can giving them some breaks so that they can do meditation, and yoga and can relax. Moreover, they can also provide them with beverages that are healthy for them instead of tea or coffee, which have been proven bad for their health.

Question 3 What kinds of jobs require higher concentration at work?

Answer – Well every job needs concentration but the concentration is more needed in the field of teaching, Medicine, astrology as well as military.

Question 4 Can technology help you concentrate?

Answer –To some extent Technology can help like if people listen to music they feel relaxed and as much as they feel relaxed they can improve their concentration. They can concentrate on their work more.

Question 5 Have you ever felt difficult to concentrate?

Answer – Yes earlier as I above mentioned that I felt difficulty concentrating on my work due to my busy schedule as well as other responsibilities. I could not even focus on the study of my child but after overcoming this situation now I have improved my concentration.

Question 6 What kinds of distractions bother you in life?

Answer – Well loud noise, and a lot of domestic work pressurized me and I sometimes get confused to do all the things at a time and many times I skip something. Besides, the arrival of the unexpected guest also distracts my concentration.

Question 7 Do you need to concentrate when you do sports?

Answer – Yes I need to pay more concentration when I am playing any sports because that lack of concentration can put my team at risk to face failure so concentration is more needed to play any Sport.

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