September 2022 to December 2022 Cue Cards With Answers Updated

Hello dear aspirants, In this post, you will come across a list of cue cards with model answers from September 2022 to December 2022. Nowadays, everyone has a dream to crack IELTS or get 8777.

As you all know, IELTS is an international English language testing system in which the examiner checks your ability in English writing, reading, listening and speaking. If you want to crack IELTS with desired band score, you have to focus or give equal importance to all modules. Although the speaking module is less complicated than other modules, test takers faced difficulty. I think this may happen because they might not be comfortable with one-on-one interviews and maybe because of less self-confidence.

Most students worry about how to communicate fluently and organise their ideas to give an adequate answers. If you are one of them, no worries, here is the solution to all your problems.

We are providing speaking cue cards from September 2022 to December 2022. Considering the positives of this latest cue card list, you will feel more confident and acquire a good band score on the IELTS exam. For daily mock tests, follow us on the IELTSFEVER telegram. You can also join us on Instagram IELTS fever for more updates.

1 Describe a Day out that did not cost a lot+
2 Describe a positive or recent change in your life
3 Describe a quiet place that you like to go to+
4 Describe an occasion when you got stuck in a traffic jam+
5 Describe a time when you lost something and then got it back+
6 Describe an important river or lake in your country+
7 Describe a competition ( Music, Sports, etc.) you would like to take part in+
8 Describe an interesting neighbour
9 Describe an Important event that you celebrated+
10 Describe Something you do to keep fit and healthy+
11 Describe something that surprised you+
12 Describe  a product from your area ( such as food or handcraft)+
13 Describe something you do to keep yourself concentrated
14 Describe an invention that changed the world for the better
15 Describe a time when you were very busy
16 Describe a time when you helped a child Sample 2
17 Describe something you do to save time
18 Describe a family member you would like to work with
19 Describe a difficult decision that you once made. Sample 2
20 Describe a famous person in your country. Sample 2
21 Describe an occasion when someone gave you positive advice or suggestions about your work
22 Describe a time when you used your cellphone to do something important
23 Describe a person you enjoyed talking with
24 Describe a time when you gave advice to others
25 Describe a place you visited ( Not Your Hometown ) That you recommended others to live in
26 Update Soon
27 Update Soon

Now let’s talk about how this cue cards list works for you. In this post, we are uploading the latest cue card topics with sample answers that help you practice yourself. These topics are the most recently updated or recently asked cue card topics to study from September 2022 to December 2022. Based on the prediction, we are preparing these cue card lists as per our experience, and you know prediction is merely guesswork. You might be asked different questions in the IELTS real exam, so you must practise or prepare as much as possible. To add to it, prepare yourself and be ready to rethink outside the box.

Although this latest cue card list is essential for better results, you should still read more samples from May 2022 to august 2022. if you want a 7+ band score in the speaking part, remember two things, take ideas from these sample answers and do not try to memorise the complete solution. Secondly, these samples are 100 % accurate, but you still practise and be ready for more questions on your exam.

Still, from May 2022 to august 2022, cue cards are equally important, so also read them. Also, read IELTS SPEAKING TEST: EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO KNOW.

This article provides you with the latest cue cards list with model answers for speaking from September 2022 to December 2022. for self practise, you simply click on any topic and find its sample answer. We hope this website will help you get the desired band score on your IELTS EXAM.

If you are facing any problems regarding the speaking part or have any doubts or queries, feel free to type your feedback in the comment section when you share your valuable feedback in a comment on this post. That’s how we can help you to get better at speaking. You can also share your personal exam experience with us by commenting on questions in the exam too.

Thanks for trusting this website. Dear learners, these cue cards will be updated regularly, so you can also subscribe to us to receive our push notification and like our IELTSFEVER Facebook page for updates. And also join our other social media platforms. Telegram channel, Instagram and Youtube to get updated.

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