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Describe Something You Have Recently Bought and Felt Happy About

Describe something you have recently bought and felt happy about

Recently I bought a new mobile phone. I needed the phone for some reasons and has been using a month. After one month used the phone. I am very happy because I want to phone searching for some material related to the study.  I purchased this mobile phone from VIVO store on Oct 22nd  and it was a cash purchase.

The model of my mobile phone is VIVO 81. I received the receipt after bought the mobile phone.  I preferred VIVO for some specific reasons. The first thing is that I needed a clear and high-quality Camera to click the picture.

Moreover, I needed browser the internet on the mobile. When I am out and for that, I necessary a handset that will provide me with a good speed with the internet.

I could not afford very costly Mobile phones like the latest iPhone, Samsung etc. So I picked the VIVO from the store to meets my need.  The phone that I bought cost me RS. only 11000/-. They have less pricey phones for use but I picked this phone based on my budget.

The phone is excellent and I could also use double sim cards in a single set. Author some purpose I use the mobile phone like chatting with friends and some urgent work ask through this phone. and also click the picture on functions with friends. I felt very happy when I purchased that mobile phone.

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