Describe Something You Wanted in Life

Describe something you wanted in life.

  • What is it?
  • When do you want to do it?
  • How do you want to complete/achieve it?

Sample 1: Describe something you wanted in life

A long-time desire of mine for a decade or so is the wish to complete my graduation as soon as I complete high school. I wanted to start supporting my family.

Therefore, I chose the short diploma course and kept my graduation for a later period. Once I successfully completed my diploma, I was employed and continued to oblige family duty as time passed.

Now I have realized that this has become my hurdle for promotion. Hence I have made up my mind by 2024 or, at the most, by 2025, I will complete my graduation. I cannot quit my present job. That’s the reason I have to opt for online studies, which is my professional goal and desire.

Sample 2: Describe something you wanted in life

I Would like to become a successful businessman. I don’t want to do any small business, I want to expand my business in the world. Even currently, I can do small business, but it will not be sufficient for me. I want to show my skill to everyone.

I want to do it after five years. Currently, I am working as a software engineer, and I am collecting organizational experience. Even though I can start the business now, I am currently observing the way of the business and category and staff of the company. It will take April to learn everything.

Definitely, firstly, I will start on a startup company. Slowly I will grow it. There is one application idea that I am working on. The sum of the time I am spending on it even, I can say it’s my hobby.

Follow-Up Questions

Question 1:- What are some common things that people want to achieve in life?

Answer 1:- Many men have carrier goals; women may have career and family-based goals.

Answer 2:- There are many things that every person wants to complete, like first completing their education, then going to their Dream place, then getting work in a dream job, or doing their own business. Some people are also interested in doing a tour of the world.

Question 2:- How do people’s desires and goals change as they grow older?

Answer 1:- As seniority creeps in, people become accustomed to their present-day life and their passion decreases, and their long-term goal changes into short realistic goals.

Answer 2:– Younger people will think too much, and they will watch their dreams, but after some years, they will get family responsibility, and they will become older. After that, they will talk to think about everything they will start to go on the straightway.

Question 3:- What are some factors that can influence a person’s desires and aspirations in life?

Answer 1:- Self-motivation plays a major role, and the socializing group where you spend your time really has an influence on an individual.

Answer 2:- There are so many things desirable for people. Like people will not get their dreamwork or they make not be able to complete the Desire study, or they might not be done with their business.

Question 4:- In your opinion, what is more important: achieving personal goals or finding contentment with what one already has?

Answer 1:– Contentment is found in achieving goals. You cannot separate the two. A life without purpose or goal is useless. In order to progress in life in whatever area we may be, we should have short and long goals. This is my personal opinion.

Answer 2:– In my opinion, completing the personal goal will be more important. If people have some goal, then they will live happily. If they don’t have any goal means, their lives will go in different ways.

Question 5:- How can societal and cultural expectations impact a person’s desires and aspirations in life?

Answer 1:- The community at large has a pivotal role in molding one’s life. The second influence can be culture and upbringing. But among this one, from an early age, one should learn to defy both and learn to depend on self-motivation. That’s my personal stand because, at a time, society and your culture can hinder your potential by judging you. Therefore, having an independent thought process without the influence of external factors is very important.

Answer 2:- Cultural expectations will definitely affect people’s desired life. Because it will not allow them to do whatever they want to do, it will fall if they follow some of the rules and regulations.

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