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Describe something your own that is very important to you

Describe something your own that is very important to you ielts exam computer internet access dance competition
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Talk about something your own that is very important to you

-Where you got it from?

-For how long you have it?

-What you use it for?

And explain why it is important for you.

Well, I have a plethora of things which are very important to me such as my passport, mobile phone, bike and so on. I normally use these things in my daily life. But here I would like to talk about the most important thing of mine and that is my computer which proved like a blessing for me. I explain it briefly.

About two years ago, I had purchased this computer from a well-reputed showroom named “Supreme Infosys”. It is made by a famous technical company named “Bill Company”  I had bought it for twenty thousand rupees. I use it for many purposes. Firstly, I have internet access on it. Whenever my class teacher gives me a project or any presentation, then I just search for information from the internet and complete my project. Through the internet, you can gain a plethora of information related to any type of topic in just a few seconds.

Secondly, It’s internal storage memory is very large. I can store a lot of information in it such important documents, photographs, movies, and others. When I prepare a presentation, then I just store it on the computer for a long time.

Thirdly, using a computer is a good time pass for me. During the evening,  I do not indulge in my studies and I have leisure time to do another kind of stuff such as playing computer games, wandering outside the home and playing with my siblings. So, at that time, I use my computer to listen to music, watching a movie.

Apart from it, through internet access on my computer, I visit on social media and chit chat with my friends. I normally watch study tutorials on YouTube and do chat on Facebook, Instagram, and Sharechat.  I have it as same as to that time when I purchased it. But I had changed its keyboard due to some key functioning problem in it. Besides me, my siblings also use it for their purposes such as drawing through a Paint software in it.

Moreover, about one month ago, I had participated in the dance competition at my college. So,  I needed to be prepared for it. It was a group dance in which my four friends included. They had no source of music for practice for competition but I had my computer. As a result, we five did dance practice at my home by playing music on my computer as well as during it, we enjoyed a lot. Then, we performed in the dance competition and got the first position in it. At that time, I felt highly elated.

Eventually, by the grace of God, my computer is very beneficial for me. I believe if it did not become an integral part of my life, perhaps I have not become successful in my life. So, it is a thing which is important to me.

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Describe something your own that is very important to you Describe something your own that is very important to you internet access dance competition


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