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Describe the benefits and drawbacks of a part -time job.

Describe the benefits and drawbacks of a part-time job.


In this materialistic world, everyone wants to earn an exorbitant amount of money at any cost because they act upon the principle of “money makes the mare go”. in view of this, they search the ways to earn money and in particular, one of these is doing a part-time job or work. although it has many advantages, on the other side there are disadvantages also. Describe the benefits and drawbacks of a part-time job.

One of the most appropriate advantages would be that it is a good source of income for the people who have some financial problems in continuing their studies. by doing this they can not only collect money to help themselves but give some spare money to their families also. moreover, these persons could increase their experience and could use it in their future perspective. it gives them a chance to practice in the professional field because one has rightly said that ” practice makes a man perfect”. Describe the benefits and drawbacks of a part-time job.

On the other hand, a part-time job has some drawbacks also. the first and foremost thing is that a person will be unable to concentrate on either job at the same time. moreover, there would be an extra burden on his mind to do work part-time. as a result, he would feel weak not only mentally but physically also. furthermore, part-time work may put a bad effect on his health because he would have no time left to relax after working for long hours on his job.

In conclusion, quality matters more than quantity. a person should do concentrate on work at a time so that he could do that work with more concentration and efficiency.this would be better both for himself as well as the company where he works. Describe the benefits and drawbacks of a part-time job

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