Describe the first time that you used a foreign language to communicate ielts exam

Describe the first time that you used a foreign language to communicate IELTS exam

Where it happened
When it happened
Who you talked to
How you felt about the conversation. 

A different language has its own importance in its own way. but the language which achieves great importance since last two or three decades. and it is the English language. whether I know three languages, Punjabi Hindi and English. I was good at the English subject at my school time but I always hesitate to converse in English with other people. Once I got a chance to communicate in English with some persons and It gave me a lot of experience and removed hesitation. It was the time when I was traveling from India to Manila with some persons via Hongkong.

My brother lives in Manila and I was going there to spend some holidays when we reached the Hongkong airport and were waiting for the boarding time, Unfortunately, we got the news that Manila is struck by a heavy storm and all flights to Manila were canceled. There was a great rush at the airport and all light times were jumbled up. So everyone was contacting the airline staff but my companions were a weak hand in English. So they requested me to talk to the airline staff. So, I went to the airline counter and talked with them in English and explain all the situation.

I gave all the details about me and my fellow passengers to the staff. they told me to come again to the counter after an hour. I again visited the counter but the whole staff,s duty was change and there was the new staff. I again explain the situation and finally, with God’s Grace I got the new scheduled time of flight. They also issued a new boarding pass to me and my fellow passengers. Finally, we boarded the plane. Everyone was happy and all my fellows thanked me for helping them. I felt very happy and satisfied at that time

Sample 2

English is an international language and it is mostly used in every foreign country to communicate with each other. But I live in the Northern part of India. So, they’re mostly used Hindi, Punjabi, and Haryanvi language. Nowadays English is also used as a formal language but nobody can communicate in English regularly. Now I would like to share my old memory with you when I used a foreign language first time in an informal way.

Last year my cousin and his friend had come to India for a vacation and they stayed at our home. My cousin’s friend (Mack) was not able to understand our local language. So that was the first time when I was used English to communicate with him. As before I used English only for formal meetings and speeches but that was the first time when I used it properly.

On the first day when I communicate with Mack in English, I was a little nervous because I had never done this before but later on my hesitation had removal. I loved it and learned some new words from him. Mack also excited to learn our local language(Punjabi). So, I also taught him some words like “Sat Sri Akal”,” Haan ji” etc. experience of this is really awesome and new. I easily communicate with others. it gained e knowledge and confidence.
(Preet Kaur)


What do you think of children learning a foreign language?
Why are some language classes boring?
Some students hate to learn foreign languages, what can teachers do to develop their interest?
Some people travel for learning a foreign language, what do you think?
What’s the best way to learn a foreign language?
Why can some people learn languages fast white others learn slowly?
Does one’s age affect their language learning?

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Describe the first time that you used a foreign language to communicate IELTS exam

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