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Describe the food that people eat on special events

Describe the food that people eat at special events

You should say:

Sample 1:-

Well, I live in India. It is quite evident that India is a diverse country where their people of different cast and creeds are living with love in a strong bonding. They respect their religions and casts.  These people eat different type of traditional foods on several occasions. There are many special occasions such as Diwali, Holi, 26th January, 15th August and so on. But according to my perceptions, a birthday occasion is also a very special event.

So, here I would like to talk about an event, my birthday when My loving mom cooked a particular food named “Gajar Ka Halwa” for me. I explain it briefly.

Last month, my birthday was on 8 February and this was my 23rd birthday. My parents organized a party for me. In the morning of that day, I woke up early in the morning. Then, I wished to my parents as well as grandparents and gained their blessings. They gave best wishes to me for my birthday. I thanked them a lot. But they did not discuss with me how would I like to celebrate my birthday. I was astonished on this matter.

I got ready for college. I  had breakfast and went to college. There I spent time with my friends and all wished me for my birthday. As well, I studied there. In the noon, I came back to my home. But no one reacted about the birthday party. I sadly sit in my room.

Then, at 7:30 pm, My brother suddenly came into my bedroom and tied my eyes with a piece of cloth. I asked him what happened but did not tell me anything. He took me on the roof of my house. He took a piece of cloth from my eyes. I  felt so much astounded. My parents organized a surprise birthday party for me. I felt on the ninth cloud at that time.

They invited near and dear ones without informing me. Everybody wished me and clapped for me. I cut the cake which was baked by my loving mom because she has great culinary skills. That cake was mouth-watering. Then, everybody gave me gifts. But my grandfather gave me 75 thousand rupees as a gift. I was not ready to take it but my mother said to me that if any elder gives money as a gift to you, then take it without any excuses. Because they show their love through it. Then, I took that money from my dear grandfather and thanked him a lot.

After then, we all went downstairs to have dinner. There I saw a big bowl covered with a plate. When I took off its plate, I felt highly elated by seeing a special dish “Gajar Ka Halwa” in it. It was also a surprise for me because my mom cooked it without informing me. It is my favorite food. I ate it with excitement. It was so much delicious. I cannot forget the taste of that “Gajar Ka Halwa”. Others were also said good words to my mother after having this food.

All in all, I thanked my mom for this surprise and kissed her. She felt immensely glad. A smile on her face, made my day. I will never forget that occasion for my whole life.

 Sample 2:-

Well! I belong to Punjab state in India. As we all know, Punjab has large amounts of tasks and have varieties of meals used on different events. I am also a foodie person and I love to taste different meals over the occasions. Here, I would like to talk about some food items that we usually cook and eat on special events at home.

Firstly I want to talk about ‘yellow rice’ that is made on the event of Holi. Holi is a festival of colors and comes in the month of March. On this day, people usually wear yellow clothes, decorated their homes with yellow items. And they also cook sweet yellow rice at their home and enjoy it.

After this, I would like to describe the Diwali festival’s special food. On this day, a food item which is usually cooked at homes is ‘Kheer’. This is also made with rice but with milk too. There are numbers of ways to cook it. And it is a sweet dish too. People prepare it and serve it to small girls before, do worship of them and also give some gifts to them.

Moreover, there are a lot of dishes that are made on Diwali like people prepare some spicy meals whatever they like, also prepare sweets at homes. Some people also buy it from the market. I must say, Diwali is known for lights and sweets.

In addition, I would say other dishes like cakes, donuts on birthdays, are prepared. People also cook MalPua’s and enjoy fast food at first rain of the rainy season. So, this is the food which people love to enjoy and eat on special events.

Followups Questions:

Question: which types of food are famous in your country?

Answer: In my country India, all sorts of meals are famous but, most people prefer to sweet dishes and spicy. For instance- fired rice, cheese noodles, Italian pizza, masala dosa, kheer, mustard curry, and many more things. everyone eat food according to their taste as well as, folks are also like to eat healthy food which cooks at the home with fresh vegetables.

Question: On what occasions do you eat special food?

Answer: I’m a very foody person and, I always want to eat something special. In my house, special occasions are birthday parties, anniversary parties, someone success part, and many types of other occasions. my family and friends always prefer to something healthy as well as, delicious.

Question: Which foods from your country do most foreign people enjoy?

Answer: According to me, foreign folks are always trying to local and traditional foods which are special for something according to cities and areas. moreover, they are also like to eat that food which is best for health. For example,- tourists and foreigners like to eat Punjabi food mustard leaves curry with wheat bread.

Question: Tell me about the types of food that people eat in your county?

Answer: In my country, people eat all sorts of food like as: rice with curry, dosa with samba r, soya beans curry. we are eat something different in breakfast, lunch and dinner. Morning time almost people eat bread with peanut butter, fruits and juice. In lunch , people eat mix -veg. rice with curd, simple rice with curry and so on. In night time, folks eat light food which digest easily like, mix soya salad, veg. curd, plane rice and other things.



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