Describe Two People from The Same Family

Describe two people from the same family

  • Who are they?
  • What are their appearances?
  • What are the similarities between them?
  • What are the differences?

Sample 1 Describe Two People from The Same Family

Well, we know many people in our life with whom we are sometimes personal while sometimes we have to make formalities. Here I would like to speak about two people from the same family, and they are none other than my cousins.

If I talk about how they look, then I must say that both are handsome. One of them is wearing spectacles, while the other is a turbinate. Both are twins, and they are at the age of 15.

To be honest, they have similar tastes in eating fast food and traditional meals. Both love to wear branded clothes and are very adventurous by nature. They love to do scuba diving, swimming, paragliding and bungee jumping.


It becomes sometimes difficult for a person to recognise them if both wear the same type of clothes. Simultaneously there are differences also, like the the first one named Jai, who is very stubborn and rude.

All the time, he blows his own trumpet. I must say he is a great dramatist, as he makes frequent excuses for being at home. He has no sympathy for others and has very low regard for human values, while Raj has great value for elderly people, and he is not a turncoat and is ready to help others at any cost.

He is very sophisticated. This is the reason that all people admire him. I admit that every person has some good or bad qualities. In spite of these, I love their company as both are jovial and make me happy all day by cracking jokes and narrating funny incidents.

Sample 2 Describe Two People from The Same Family

I would like to describe my mother and older sister in my family. My mother is in her mid-fifties, and my sister is in her early thirties. They both have long, dark hair, but my mother is starting to show signs of grey while my sister is still a rich, dark brown. They both have brown eyes and fair skin.

One of the similarities between my mother and sister is their height. They are quite tall, with my mother standing around 5’8″ and my sister just a bit shorter at 5’7″. They also share a similar sense of humour and a love for cooking and baking. Both of them are also very caring and nurturing individuals.

Despite their similarities, there are also some differences between my mother and sister. For one, my mother is more introverted and enjoys spending time alone reading or gardening, while my sister is more outgoing and enjoys socializing with friends and going out. Additionally, my mother is a bit more traditional in her thinking, while my sister is more open-minded and liberal.

Regarding their physical appearance, my sister dresses more fashionably and wears makeup regularly, while my mother prefers a more classic and understated style. My mother also wears glasses, while my sister has perfect vision.

My mother and sister may share some physical similarities and personality traits, but they also have unique characteristics and differences. They are both very important to me, and I love them both very much.

Part 3 Questions Describe Two People from The Same Family

Question 1:- Have there been any changes in family life in your country in the past 20-30 years?

Answer – Yes, now families have broken, and most people love to live in a nuclear family without any restrictions as they want more privacy.

Question 2:- Do you think modern families are the same as families in the past?

Answer – Now there is a great difference in thinking, running a house, and their behaviour. Now members of a family have become selfish, and they seek profit and have very less regard for others feeling.

Question 3:- Would you say family is important to most people?

Answer – Yes, family is very important for some people, especially those who know the value of a family, and such people are very rare. They know that their family has made great sacrifices to nourish them as well as to fulfil their needs. They really value their feelings.

Question 4:- What’s your opinion about family

Answer – I think family is a must for a person. These are the people who help in the time of crisis and family is a great blessing from a God, who guides a person in every walk of life.
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