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Describe Your Experience when You Changed Your School/College/House

Experience when You Changed Your School/College/

Describe your experience when you changed your school/college/House

Sample Answer of Describe Your Experience when You Changed Your School/College/House

Change is a constant movement which and whether it is positive or negative we need to cherish it no matter how so dude transformations and if there is one particular change which I would like to elaborate now and that was a when we had to change the school in 6th standard so the primary reason behind the transformation of transfer was we constructed a new home in a different place it was from the player where we decided at that time decided that it would be a big hurdle for us in order to travel to a different place which is so many miles away they got admission into a new school and finally I joined on the reopening date it was quite challenging at the beginning the new surroundings I found it really beneficial for me new things such as making new friends adapting to a different environment communication skills with teachers at first it was really a challenging experience but later on when I got to know about my friends it is one of the most amazing moments which I had felt in my life and even today I am in touch with those friends and the memories netted and top of the world whenever we talk about this moment.

Follow-ups of Describe Your Experience when You Changed Your School/College/House

Question 1:- Are children better at solving problems than adults?

Answer- Because children think and calculate what they require in their life, on the other hand, so many different types of situations in their eyes, and they got enough experience to handle anything, so I believe that it is the adult is adults who tend to have optimal a problem-solving skills when compared to children.

Question 2:- If people move frequently, is it better to stay in one house all the time?

Answer- I don’t believe so because change has to be there for any person in order to adapt to the new surroundings and make a person experience different kinds of scenarios rather than just looking to see that I have to come out of their room different kinds of situations in life.

Question 3:- What are the pros and cons of living in a high-rise building?

Answer- Advantages and drawbacks when a person tends to stay in operations there are numerous other amenities which are provided by these kinds of the hated community such as there are the application club which makes them rejuvenate after their head to kids people are always the comparing themselves to the experimental lifestyles which they have which create additional stress to them along with that date into move here and there and it creates a lot of rumours people tend to create a lot of rumours about one person to the other.

Question 4:- What are the pros and cons of living in an old and new neighbourhood?

Answer- quite challenging for them to adapt to them to know about the neighbourhood make new friends good bondings and is permit then they can become life h if they stay in the same house it is door rather than and they always have the same kind of routine and same friends throughout their life always good to be in the same place so many memories in the same house

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