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Talk About a Person with Whom You Created Great Memories in Your Primary School

Talk About a Person with Whom You Created Great Memories in Your Primary School

Talk about a person with whom you created great memories in your primary school:- You Should Say

wow! this is an interesting topic to discuss because school days were the golden days of my life and I believe there is something in a person that makes him or her famous. There are a few personalities, who have an everlasting effect on the psyche of people. A similar situation I confronted when I first entered primary school.

Interestingly, I had a veteran teacher in my class, whose name was Mr Varun, he thought us English subject. To be honest with you I had a fear of public speaking. I was a shy and introverted person. All other classmates were ready to speak English in front of the class, but I used to keep mum all the time; then he motivated me to take part in discussions and speeches in the morning assembly.

I must say, the most impressive thing about this person was that he used to teach us English funny or more attractively so that we could learn the basics of this language easily.

At the same time, he used flashcards, transparency, and real objects to facilitate the teaching-learning process. consequently, my interest grew in learning English and I started to pay heed to the instructions of my teacher.

I vividly remember that with his stimulation once I took part in a quiz competition. All students participated and there were rearranging words that every student had to arrange in order. It was a surprising thing for my parents that I did well and I won chocolate from my teachers.

undoubtedly, now whatever the level of my speaking is, it is due to the efforts of my primary school teacher.

sometimes I think if he had not taught me in that funny way, things would happen differently So that was the time when I had loveable memories with my primary school mentor and these still mesmerized me to recall.

Follow Up Questions Talk About a Person with Whom You Created Great Memories in Your Primary School

Question 1. Are you still in touch with your old teachers?

Ans No, unfortunately, I don’t have any phone number or address of my old teachers. The reason is that from time to time, I have migrated with my family. So it is obvious to have no connection with primary teachers but I have some pics and if they meet me at any place then I will easily recognize them and will pay my gratitude for whatever they did to me.

Question 2. Why do children cry on their very first day a school?

Ans. well, children cry because they have first time separated from their parents and the school premises are a new place for them. Moreover, they have no liberty to do whatever they do at home. They have to sit at a place for 2 to 3 hours that they had not done before.

Question 3. Do you think people remember their memories in a school where they first enrolled themselves?

Ans. Yes of course as I have learned from somewhere that people generally don’t forget their first school as well as their last place where they complete their studies. They have some good and bad memories attached to those buildings as well as with their peer groups. So that time makes them relax and adds more years to their age.

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