Describe your favorite fruit

Describe your favorite fruit

  • What it is

  • where it is grown

  • How often you can eat it

  • and explain why this your favorite fruit.

There are many fruits in our country. Which are popular among people. But my favorite is Mango. It is seasonal fruit which is found in a summer season. It is a very juicy fruit. The Mango is grown in a warmer climate. It takes Some years to give fruits. There are many advantages of this fruits like the seeds of Mango is used for making pickle. The mango leaves are very useful for treating debates. Because it is a seasonal fruit so I can eat it only in the summer season. Since summer is the only season when mangoes become available in the market, I eat a lot of mangoes. We can use this fruit in two ways. We can either eat ripe mangoes directly or use unripe mangoes for preparing pickles, sauces or juices

Moreover, the wood of the mango tree is used for many purposes. There are many people who just love to eat this fruit and it is very famous not only among children and young people. But the old people also enjoy this fruit. Because of too many advantages, this fruit is called the king of all fruits. We must encourage farmers for producing large quantities of mangoes so that it will not only reduce their price but we will also get to eat a large number of mangoes.

Describe your favorite fruit Describe your favorite fruit Describe your favorite fruit Describe your favorite fruit Describe your favorite fruit

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Describe your favorite fruit


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