Describe Your Favourite Social Media Site.

Describe your favourite social media site.

  • What is your favourite social media site?
  • What do you use it for?
  • How long have you been using the social media site?

Sample 1

Social media has become the most used item on the internet nowadays especially for sending information to a large group of people at a particular time and also building relationships with friends and families who are not close enough to where you are and this has been the most important thing for me to indulge in the usage of this media. But in all, my favourite social media site has always been twitter. This is because most of the big men in the world own an account on this site and this gives me the opportunity to see what is really going on in their lives on a daily basis and it also gives me the opportunity to follow my favourite football teams and the latest information given accordingly. I have been using social media for over ten years now and I think it is a very positive introduction to our system and is helping in so many ways too.

Sample 2

There are a number of media sites available in the world. But out of these, Amazon is my favourite site which I mostly use for purchasing different new things. According to my, this site is very affordable as compared to other sites and there always a number of new varieties are available which are good in quality. This site is not time-consuming. For instance, If I order anything on the Amazon site, then our product comes to my home within two days, but other sites take a minimum of seven days to transfer the product. I have been using it for the last five years, and I do not acquire any problem from that product which I buy from this site. I always suggest to everyone to use the Amazon media site, which is a good and crimeless site.

Follow-ups of Describe Your Favourite Social Media Site

Question 1:- How many times a day, week, or month do you log onto this site?

Answer 1:- To be frank, I spend almost half of my day logged on to this site since there are posts from different people from different part of the globe each and every second and due to the funny posts and comments from people takes all my attention and I am a bit of being addicted to using this site.

Answer 2:- I always log onto the site after completing one month because, at the end of every month, our material has vanished. And l purchase only one month products.

Question 2:- Does the site affect you mentally?

Answer 1:- Not really. This is because I have grown to not get influenced by any outside thing or whatever someone is doing so I am always cool with whatever I am doing over there and not for once have I been tormented by any post from someone.

Answer 2:- Yes, obviously, the media site is affected me mentally because it has good quality products. These are always used in a limited amount because these products are completely pure, which are purchased by me from this site.

Question 3:- What is something you don’t like about this site?

Answer 1:- Generally, I think I have not come across anything that pisses me off from using this site but just that I have heard people talking about this site producing a lot of adverts and which causes a lot of distractions but with this, I don’t think I have come across one for once.

Answer 2:- According to my, everything is ok for the Amazon site. But one thing is that which always disturb me. This is related to the packing of the product. Packing of products is not good, and we can suffer from any crime like our product can be stolen by anyone in transferring timing.

Question 4:- Are there any perks for setting up an account?

Answer 1:- Oh no, it has always been so easy accessing an account for this site and for me I did not request any hand from someone else before creating an account on there.

Answer 2:- Yes, there is one perk which we can make our account that links to the Amazon site. So, you can purchase anything from this site through the account. In this account, you are detailed already mentioned. You can only mention the product. It makes everything so easy for us.

Question 5:- How often do you go onto the site?

Answer 1:- As I said earlier, it takes almost half of my day and this is approximately every five minutes that I am being seen online.

Answer 2:- I always go onto the site through Google pay. I have an account on Google play which links with the Amazon site.

Question 6:- Are social media sites dangerous to use?

Answer 1:- Not really but sometimes it is in the sense that people are ready and to scam you if you should give in to them and also getting your account hacked is also a posed threat to using social media sites and with this, your secrets and some confidential information could be sent online.

Answer 2:- Yes, their number of sites are that which are fake. And they cause crime in the world. To elaborate, some site is only open for getting from people account through the site because, in this, people always mention all details which link to their privacy, and this makes it so easy to steal money from thieves from their account.

Question 7:- How many people in total use the same site that you use in the world?

Answer 1:- Approximately around 150 million people.

Answer 2:- I cannot mention accurate because of there number of people are present in the world who already use the Amazon site. But roughly, I can say that about 5 to 6 lakh people use this site in the current era. The above value can be less or more.

Question 8:- Have you witnessed cyberbullying?

Answer 1:- That was just once in a while but I was able to overcome this by reporting to the helpline and the person was blocked from using the site.

Answer 2:- Yes, before joining the Amazon site, I was already witnessed cyberbullying through two or three fake sites. Cyberbullying is one type of crime which already in processing in the world, and approximately one lakh people are always witnessing this type of crime in their daily lives. So after this, I have joined Amazon.

Question 9:- Does it change your views towards anything?

Answer 1:- Oh no, it would have been so if I had not been able to get any help from the site.

Answer 2:- Yes, six months ago, firstly I was ordered one watch which had been attracting me. But after something I was changed my plan. I was ordered some special dresses which look very beautiful.

Question 10:- How can you help someone who is being cyberbullied?

Answer 1:- I would recommend you just ask help from the helpline on the particular site and they are going to help sort you out on the notice of such act. But if it happens that you don’t get help from the site, then I think you should try blocking the person up yourself.

Answer 2:- I have a number of choices. However, I can help those people who suffer from cyberbullying. Firstly, I can spread more knowledge about different sites through organising campaigns. Secondly, I can tell to people whether this site is best for you or not.

Question 11:- Which social media sites should you avoid?

Answer 1:- I really hate it when I see people doing online dating and using social media sites that promotes pornographic contents and these are the particular sites that I try to avoid all the time.

Answer 2:- according to me, every site has its own merits. It depends upon people preferences, but according to my opinion, the zoomy site is very dangerous for us because this site is completely fake and organised by the crime community.

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