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Describe Your First Day at School that You Remember

Describe Your First Day at School that You Remember
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lso Describe your first day at school that you remember/ Describe an experience about moving to a new school or house.

Sample 1:Describe Your First Day at School that You Remember

Well, I am not able to remember my first standard day, but yes, I am able to remember when I change my school to 11th standard. It was in August 2009, and it was in Bangalore City. The school I am in now is IIT School. In that school, people will start from 11 to 12 High School programs.

In my old school, there was no 11th and 12th standard, so I much go to another School to study in High School. When I entered school, I saw it was too much different from my old school.

Compared to my old school, it was too much large, and also it was special. Firstly I visited the ground of the high school then I visited the classroom of the high school. My old and new school’s campus and class.

I was very happy on the day because I was moved from 10 to 11 standard and I will get new friends also I got the big campus. Also I observed that students used to go to cafeteria classes and students went into playing, so for me, the feeling was very good, and excited to do this everything. I don’t know what will happen next, but at that moment, whatever I saw and whatever I observed by that, I was very happy.

Sample 2:Describe Your First Day at School that You Remember

I vividly remember my first day of school. The school was very close to my house. My father took me the first time for admission and interview. But my first day as a pupil was memorable.

Because it rained that day, I was very scared to spend so much time all by myself among my new peers and teachers. I was just hoping that school time would end.

I being an introvert, was very lonely and took a seat in the corner of the classroom, and when it started raining, I thought that no one would come to pick me up and I would be left in the school for a long time.

This thought was making me cry.  I  was ecstatic to see my father waiting for me at the school gate. I could not hold myself to go and hug him and cry.

Follow-Up Questions

Question 1:- Do you think students should be taken to school by their parents or go by themselves?

Answer 1:- Initially, it would be a good thought if the parents could drop the kids in school. But nowadays, working parents find it hard to implement such practices. All that they can do is drop the children at the school bus stop. Going on their own can be a scary situation. The separation from home and parents is something the child has to learn, which requires at least a week or so.

Answer 2:- Memy students should go by themselves because everywhere parents will not come. They should learn everything from the shell, and they should become independent.

Question 2:- Should children rely on their parents or be independent?

Answer 1:– Parents should be independent, but they need to be trained first if it comes suddenly to them. They might not like it. It’s the parent’s responsibility to train their child to be independent.

Answer 2:– There are many children who depend on their parents. But in the current world, children should not depend on their parents.

Question 3:- How can children become more independent?

Answer 1:- Children can be independent if they are taught by their parents right from an early age. As the children get weened, they should have their own privacy and should be left on their own.

Answer 2:- There are many ways to make children independent. Firstly don’t pick them up and drop them at their school and give them some space. Encourage them to do activities by themselves and also ask came to go with their friend instead of their parents; it can be either outside or playing or participating in some activities full programs.

Question 4:- What is the effect if parents interfere with children’s life too much?

Answer 1:- Such constant interference by the parents in children’s lives. It will make the children lose their own self-confidence, and they will mostly rely on their parents for all their needs from basic. Such children will take time to be independent. Therefore right from early age, children should be taught to be independent.

Answer 2:- There can be a large impact if parents will frequently interfere with the child’s life. The child will not grow, especially if they will stop to think the new ideas, and they will not feel good when someone asks them to do some activities. Sometimes they will think why they do it by themselves because anyhow parents are there to teach them.

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