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Describe a stressful day at school/ University/ work

Describe a stressful day at school/ University/ work

You should say:

Sample Answer 1

I have experienced a plethora of stressful days in my school life and college life also. But, here I would like to share a stressful day from my school days with you. It was a very bad day when I had lost my admit card for 10th class final examination. It was my 10th class is just the last final exam. I had felt very bad and anxious as well. I had no idea where the admit card was? I would like to describe it briefly.

My 10th class’s examinations were going on. I had done all the examinations without just one last exam. There were two holidays before it. Then, I last my admit card inside my house. I had tried to find it, but all gone in vain. I was just about to weeping and then my sister told me to contact my teacher. Then, I contacted my trainer Mr. Steven and told him about all matter.

Fortunately, he had a photocopy of my admit card but it was not original admit card. then, he got the permission of our school’s principal and attested this photocopy of the admit card. After it, I entered in the examination hall and my teacher distributed the question paper and answer sheets. I started my exam after some time my backbencher girl was talking with another girl but my teacher collected my answer sheet by mistake and was sitting on my seat without answer sheet for 30 minutes. Then, I lost my temper and I felt very sad but, I was controlled my anger by taking deep breathes as well as, count 1 to 10 and I felt calm. That time I realised this one was the most blunt day of my whole life. I also pray anyone does not face these types of situations and day in the life.




Sample Answer 2

Well, I have lots of school memories which make my childhood memorable and interesting. But we all know, every rose has its thorns, so I have some negative or bad memories as well. I would like to talk about it briefly. I remember it was the time when I was in 10th standard. One day, I felt a hard time throughout the day. At the morning, I got late to wake up and so, I also got late for school.

Due to getting late, I had punished by the teacher and stood outside the class. Moreover, during lunchtime, when we all were playing in the playground, I fell on the ground and got injury on my knees. It pained a lot. After lunchtime, I thought that I had a  test of Math and the teacher said about it in the exam. I felt surprised and annoying because this was for the first time when I forgot about the test. So, I got too low marks as compared to my others’ tests and my teacher complaint to my parents.

At the end of the day, I was getting so frustrated but I controlled myself. I tried to keep myself calm by taking long breathes. So, In this way, that day, life seemed so difficult for me. I prayed to God not to send me this type of day again.

Describe a stressful day at school/ University/ work


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