Describe your Idol. IELTS Speaking Cue Card

Describe your idol. IELTS Speaking Cue Card

  • Who is your idol?
  • Why and how did this person become your idol?
  • How has this person impacted your life?

Sample Answer of Describe your Idol

There are many interesting persons whom I met till now, But if I have to choose one of them and when it’s related to an idol for me. I would like to talk about Rishi Vidhyadhar Ji. He is in his 70s with silver hair and a beard which makes him a more beautiful person. I have met him for 11 years in one of my silence courses, and at that time, he was my course teacher. At that time, he grabs my attention to him. After that course, I never got to chance to meet him, but in 2019 again, I got the chance to reunite with him. He is a spiritual person, and for me, he is an enlightened one. After reuniting, I joined his daily sadhana and knowledge session group, which he ran through via the Zoom platform. Within the next six months, I felt an upside-down change in myself in terms of handling stress, keeping a stable mindset, to dealing with unfavourable situations. Before that, I was short-tempered, usually got frustrated towards situations and people, but now I have the same enthusiasm and smile on my face almost 24*7. He also motivated me to do become a Marma Therapist, which is part of an Alternative Medicine. Today I successfully practised therapy at my therapy centre. One day I was seeking solutions from someone, but today, because of his advice and guidance, I am able to guide and provide solutions to my near and dear ones, whether it is health issues or real-life issues. This is how he became my Idol person.

Follow-ups of Describe your Idol

Question 1:- Do you actually believe in idols?

Answer:- To be honest, I would say yes, but in terms of exploring spirituality and enlightenment, you definitely need an idol or a Guru because only an experienced one can guide you the way. Otherwise, for materialistic goals, I don’t think I should need an idol.

Question 2:- Do you think having an idol makes you a better person?

Answer:- I am afraid to say that’s not always the case because just having an idol person in life doesn’t make any difference without implementing their knowledge or guidance. It’s like you just consult a doctor for a specific ailment, and he elaborates the cause of the problem and prescribes medication for getting rid of that, and I just understand the whole thing but didn’t take a pill.

Question 3:- Do you idolise yourself?

Answer:- To, frankly speaking, this is not my kind of thing because I believe I just started my journey and still have to go a long way to become an idol for someone.

Question 4:- Who do you idolise the least?

Answer:- If you ask me, I will choose Actors for least category because they influence millions of young folks, but most of them are living lifestyle hypocritically, and their real-life and Reel-life are way far from reality, but youth follows them blindly and sometimes then put their selves in big trouble.

Question 5:- What could this person do that would make you consider them to not be your idol anymore?

Answer:- He or She don’t need to do much. If I find a person’s behaviour and actions are hypocritical, His name will be rubbed out from my idol list with immediate effect without further notice.

Question 6:- Would you relive the moment when this person became your idol again if you had the opportunity?

Answer:- Actually, I think it completely depends on the situation or circumstances. I am a person who can easily forgive and forget the past also. I had already experienced this kind of situation prior, and today that person is a good friend of mine.

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