Do You Agree or Disagree that Animals Should Be Kept in Men Made Cells

Do you agree or disagree that animals should be kept in men-made cells

I disagree that animals should be kept in man-made cells. I feel that zoos are an unsuitable environment for animals and, therefore, should be abolished.

Firstly, zoo animals are kept in confined areas compared to their vast natural habitat. Due to this, zoo animals develop unnatural habits like pacing back and forth or swaying from side to side. For example, polar bears are given about 10 metres of walking space, whereas they roam for hundreds of kilometres in their arctic home. Similarly, lions and tigers are confined in cages where they lack exercise and stimulation. What is more, it is very common for visitors to tease and provoke caged animals. This also leads to unnatural behaviour in animals.

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Secondly, the breeding programmes taken up by zoos are not very successful. For instance, the ‘Panda Breeding Programme’ has been very costly and unsuccessful. Also, zoo life does not prepare animals for the challenges of life in the wild. They are provided good food in the zoos, but if left in the jungle, they may die of starvation because they cannot hunt for themselves.

Finally, the zoo is an unnatural environment that exposes animals to many dangers. Diseases often spread between species that would never live together naturally. For example, many Asian elephants have died in African zoos after catching herpes from African elephants.

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To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that zoos are unnatural habitats for wild animals, and there is no justification for caging these marvellous creatures of God.

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