Experimentation on animals for scientific purposes is justified

Experimentation on animals for scientific purposes is justified.

Are there any alternatives to animal experimentation?

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Animal experimentation is a very difficult issue with lots of people feeling very strongly about it. We use animals for experimentation in different ways. One of the most contentious issues problems is testing cosmetics on animals. The images of animals with things put in their eyes so that we can look a bit better make many people very angry. Is it necessary? Companies such as the Body Shop say that they do not experiment on animals and they still produce good cosmetics who make money. I do not agree that making the cosmetics that make our faces better does not mean the animals must suffering in terrible ways, it does not seem moral for me.

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On the other hand, we also use animals for testing new drugs. Without these new drugs, people would die and suffer. Some people believe that animals should not suffer and die so that we can avoid death and suffering. I certainly do not agree with this. I am sure that most people would change their minds if it were they who were dying or one of their children. It is certainly sad that animals have to suffer for our health but I believe that suffering is justified.

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Are there any alternatives to animal experimentation. I’m not an expert but I don’t think so. Monkeys are nearest animals to us biologically and without testing on them, we cannot be sure of the effects of new drugs. We do a test on humans also but only when we know the drugs will not be a health risk to us. Testing on humans without first testing on animals could lead to unnecessary human deaths.


So, in conclusion I do not believe that animal testing is justified for nonessential things but for essential things I believe that we do not have a choice and that it is justified.



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