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download mock tests and links for any help regarding mock test contact on +919914301883 or  via email on [email protected]

For 14 October 2018 students(Timing of availability  of links listening test 9.45am and Reading 12.45 Pm)


Listening Test Click Here 


Academic Reading Test Click Here


General Reading Test Click Here



Send your answers  [email protected] and on whats app  +9914301883

your score will be sent via mobile number or your email you must mention your mobile number and email on the answer sheet

Module name

 download test Time

 start Test

Time to send answers to us


9.45 AM

10.00 AM

11.15 AM


12.45 PM

01.00 PM

02.15 PM


Here are some rules for Mock Test’s evaluation which you have to know and follow as well.

These are:-

  1. You have to register on our website  with your name, mobile phone number, and email ID. Registration for Mock Test

Note:- Your personal information such as email ID, the phone number will be secure. Email ID or mobile phone number verification is necessary to stop spamming. download mock tests and links

  1. Once you successfully registered it, we will send you a reply on your email address such as ” You have successfully registered for IELTS mock test”. Then, you will become able to get the benefit of it.
  2. Furthermore, we will upload IELTS mock test’s PDF on our website according to Indian Standard Timing, then you can download this PDF. Registration for Mock Test
  1. Once time will over, you will have to send answers of Mock Test by your email address or mobile phone number. It should be done in the time limit, otherwise, your answers will have not accepted. download mock tests and links
  2. After checking your Test, we will send your marks or standard in the test on your email ID.

Through this, you can know your evaluation in modules of IELTS. download mock tests and links

Note:- If foreign students want to take benefit of this Mock Test but have a problem in attending it due to IST(Indian Standard Timing )

download mock tests and links

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