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Dream Job & Dictionary Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answers

Dream Job & Dictionary Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answers

Dream job & Dictionary Speaking part 1 Questions With Answers. These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

Dream job & Dictionary Speaking part 1 Questions With Answer.

Question 1. What was the dream job for you when you were young?

Answer – When I was young, my dream job was to serve as a banker as in 11 standard I choose commerce stream, so due to that I got a huge interest in banking services, so I decided to opt it as a profession, but unluckily I tried many times but not able to clear the exam.

Question 2. Have you changed your mind about your dream job?

Answer – After many unsuccessful attempts, I decided to change my mind for my dream job, and then I took admission in a beard that is a bachelor of education, and later on, I choose to teach as my profession, and at present, I have been in this profession since 2017

Question 3. What do you plan to do in the future?

At present, I am a teacher, but I would like to serve as an accountant in the future as one of my cousins is working as an accountant. He motivated me and guided me for this, and nowadays I’m preparing for the same, and hopefully next month it was my exam, and I would clear it and pursue my career as a chartered accountant.

Question 4. What kinds of jobs are popular in your country?

Answer – First of all I must say jobs in the government sector are prevalent in my country since in these jobs the salary packages are massive and huge apart from this other profession such as doctor loyal teacher manager are a few other names that are popular too

Question 5. Have you had a full-time or part-time job before?

Answer – Well I’m lucky in this since every time I get a full-time job so in my current job as a teacher I also work working as a full-time teacher, and my job starts from 8:00 AM and ends by 2:00 PM and before this I also worked as a clerk where I was a full-time job also

Question 6. Do you often use a dictionary? If yes, how often and what for? If no, why not? If not very often, say how often and why not very often?

Answer – I believe in today’s world, technology had gained its roots in all spheres of life seem in the case of teaching and learning. Hence, most of the time, when I really needed to look at the meaning of any word, then I searched it on smartphones where digital dictionaries and treasures are abundant from where I can get the meaning of every term very easily so I can say at present I’m not using physical dictionaries rather on a casual basis, or awfully I use online dictionaries.

Question 7. Do you prefer to use an electronic dictionary or a dictionary made of paper?

Answer – I prefer online dictionaries add priority since it is straightforward to take up with like we just need a smartphone an Internet connexion although some dictionaries work on offline modes also apart from this it is effortless to access online dictionaries we just need to search word in the search bar, and instantly we get the meaning of that particular term, but it is challenging in physical dictionaries paper dictionaries where we need to search for the word very intensively, so all together digital dictionaries are my love

Question 8. If someone gave you a dictionary as a gift, how would you feel?

Answer – Well today people like to gift material things such as watch autobiographies clothes and so on but presenting dictionary is very rare if I would receive dictionary as a gift then I would feel good for this since I can use it in my daily life rather I have electronic one I think people dictionaries have their own importance over digital ones.

Question 9. Do you think it would be interesting to write a dictionary? OR Do you think it would be interesting to be part of a team that is writing a dictionary?

Answer – No, I don’t believe this like. Being a part of members writing dictionaries is definitely a difficult task to do since if you want to add up any word, we need a patent for that. We need to search about that word very exclusively extensively since we need to cheque there would be no replica of the word the meaning of the word must be wise in all different languages. Hence, I think it must be a complex task to work as a dictionary member.

Question 10. What kind of person do you think writes a dictionary?

Answer – In I think people who are highly knowledgeable and who have Bhd degrees writes a dictionary since doing research work making assignments are there often works so I think they have enough time and knowledge to add up any word in the dictionary

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