Evolution of Modern Horse from Its Ancestor

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Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where Relevant.

Evolution of Modern Horse from Its Ancestor

The process of evolution of the modern horse from its ancestor Eohippus is Illustration in the given diagram.

Overall, we can see, this development took 40 million years, and it has four stages. Additionally, tremendous focus occurred on foot structure throughout the period.

In the first stage, it was known as Eohippus, which was smaller in size and with a four-toed foot. After 10 million years, it transformed and famous as Mesohippus, which was slightly larger in size than Eohippus Moreover, It had slightly thick fur on the backside of the neck, in the foot, the number of toes in its foot reduced to three and had prime one.

The Merychippus evolved 15 million years ago, which was even larger in size. It had a larger foot structure as well. It also had thicker fur and a longer tail. If we look at the modern horse, they are larger than the previous of, has a complex foot structure. The bottom side of the leg also yielded to give balance and was more evaluated than others.

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