Describe a Good Experience of Online Shopping

Describe a good experience of online shopping.

Well, we live in a technological era, technology spreads its legs in every NOOK and corner. I have always been interested in doing shopping with friends and family. It is the best way to spend my leisure time. Sometimes I like to do shopping with family outside and sometimes I prefer to do online shopping and I attain experience other good or bad. However here I will like to talk about a good experience from online shopping.

I vividly remembered that the first month my cousin’s sister’s marriage was held so I wanted to purchase an elegant dress for her marriage but due to extensive work, I had no time to do shopping with the family. merely a few days left for her marriage yet I purchased nothing. I was perplexed by what I do.

Then, I discussed this matter with my friend. She suggested you should do online shopping on Flipkart site. She told me it is eminent site among youth for shopping. Apart from this, she awarded me, this site also provide huge discount to their customers. After that, I checked dresses on that site and fortunately, I found one dress that was black in color with white combination. it is an Indo Western dress and looked like a gown.

Describe a good experience of online shoppingThere are a few reasons why I found a good experience with online shopping. First of all, this site gives me a huge discount as a reward therefore, I got a beautiful dress at a reasonable price. Secondly, the material and quality of the product were amazing. In other words, I received a beautiful dress the same as I ordered.


Moreover, they provided fast delivery as I received my package within 2 days. Last but not least, when I opened my parcel I was surprised to get a 500 rupees coupon as a gift which I will use in the next shopping.

All in all, that was a time when I do online shopping and achieved a good experience. Now I always prefer to do shopping through this site.


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