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Families Who Send Their Children to Private Schools Should Not Be Required to Pay Taxes

Families Who Send Their Children to Private Schools Should Not Be Required to Pay Taxes

Families who send their children to private schools should not be required to pay taxes that support the state education system. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Sample 1 Families Who Send Their Children to Private Schools Should Not Be Required to Pay Taxes

In the contemporary epoch, education is mandatory for each and every person. It is typically fostered that parents who send their kids to schools which are funded independently are not liable to pay additional taxes. From my perspective, I vehemently accord with the given assertion, and I will elucidate my viewpoints with credible illustrations in the forthcoming paragraphs.

Scrutinizing the given notion and elaborating further, families who are persistent in sending their children to privately funded schools must not pay extra taxes. Generally, in independent educational institutes, people are required to provide substantial monetary incentives since they provide alluring amenities. To exemplify, a plethora of laboratories accommodate exported equipment and apparatus that are reliable and secure to handle. The infrastructure is appealing, and each and every classroom has a unique projector which is reliable for pupils to understand their curriculum in a simplified manner. Thus they make sure that kids have a convenient life during their duration in school.

In the modern lifestyle, it is challenging for parents to prepare food for their children as they are swamped with workloads in their workplaces. In such circumstances, the private school management solely provides culinary benefits to all pupils. They employ prominent chefs to prepare food, and the supper that is served is delicious with a twist of international recipes for breakfast and lunch. Moreover, they ensure that the food which is served is healthy and students consume a balanced diet with essential fruits and vegetables. During special occasions, they prepare exotic cuisines such as pastries, chocolates and native desserts. Hence, the school management takes additional responsibility to fulfil the daily needs of pupils.

Taking everything into consideration, private institutes are providing a myriad of commodities like remarkable infrastructure and noteworthy suppers, which eventually incur additional costs. Therefore, it is not advisable for the government to again demand extra taxes from these kids and their respective parents.

Sample 2 Families Who Send Their Children to Private Schools Should Not Be Required to Pay Taxes

It is ostensible that in the era of globalisation, taxes are the most prominent part of running the Nation conveniently. Education plays a significant role in managing the infrastructure of the country in a better way. However, it is highly debatable whether the family cannot pay some taxes for the private schools and promote the state education system set up free for all. I deem that children’s considered the basic root of the Nation, should be supported. Also, the taxes should be removed. I would like to extricate its length in the paragraphs to come.

Free taxes brings a lot of advantages. To begin, they provide ample support to poor families, which helps them enrol their children in the foremost education. This leads children to interact with top-quality education and enhance their carrier to bring numerous opportunities in future. Apart from that, private schools impose massive tuition fees with separate levies. If this barrier of toll should be removed, the picture of a country will change in a few years because the youngsters will engage them-self in sophisticated Technology needs, which in the long run brings benefits to the host country.

For instance, a survey conducted in India found that most families already pay plenty of taxes in their day-to-day life, so they are not even financially strong enough to pay more taxes to the education system for their children. Moreover, few private organisations negatively spend money and charge additional taxes from parents, which leads them to misuse money, such as constructing more departments which are not useful in the life of a pupil.

Moreover, families already have immense burdens and responsibilities that they cannot tackle with single earnings and suffer from drastic difficulties in managing their expenditures. To be clear, the amount of taxes on private schools is comparatively high as their expectations, so people cannot pay handsome taxes and tuition fees for school. As a result, children would be deprived of amenities that impact their prospects. For example, in the USA, there should be no extra charges to pay the families once they get into the government’s tax scheme. However, reducing the taxes also has a downside; private schools require additional funding to improve the quality of education and enhance the children’s living standard while interacting with themselves for a better future.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that education would be free for all ages. The government needs to take the initiative to provide better education for the needed people and sports the poor families and compensate for their taxes to some extent.

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