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Men and women can never share the same responsibilities at home and in everyday life. Do you agree or disagree?

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Men and women can never share the same responsibilities at home and in everyday life. Do you agree or disagree?

Gender discrimination is the main cause of any problem. Some people say that male and female can never perform the same duties and roles however, I totally disagree with this statement and I will elaborate it in the following paragraphs.

It is true, in ancient times women were not allowed to do a job or take responsibilities. On that time only men were playing a role as a bread earner for their families and women perform household chores. As compared to the past, nowadays there different are reducing day by day. As a result of it, now both men and women have equal right. They work together in every field of life with rubbing their shoulder with each other. For example:- today’s female also work in security forces and some of the males who are interested to take part in cooking. The famous chef Sanjeev Kapoor and he also shares the recipes on the internet, youtube and so on. Thus, the whole scenario has changed and both perform equal responsibilities.

Furthermore, In the past time, women were living in four walls of the house but now they are free to show their mettle in every field such as, lawyer, pilot, doctor, teacher, army and so on. The main reason for this changing is education and awareness. Due to this, parents are becoming more advanced and broad-minded. They started to spend money on their girl child’s education so that girls are becoming independent and survive by own. to illustrate, better qualification gives a chance to them to do better in their life. So that females are helping their partner with financially and emotionally by doing work outside as well as at home.

To conclude, men women both play equal role and responsibilities in their daily routine. According to my perspective, both are independent and they understand their duties so they perform it be divided into equally.

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