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Farm Animals & Wild Animals Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answers

Farm Animals & Wild Animals Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answers

Farm Animals & Wild Animals Speaking part 1 Questions With Answers. These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

Farm Animals & Wild Animals Speaking part 1 Questions With Answer.

Question 1. What farm animals do you have in your country?

Answer – As per my observation, I can say people in my country have many farm animals such as pigs, goats, dogs and horses.

Question 2. Do you think farm animals are important?

Answer – Yes, I believe people keep farm animals first of all in order to earn a livelihood, and secondly people like to keep them as their companion end these animals really show unconditional love

Question 3. How are these animals used? OR In what ways are animals used in agriculture in your country?

Answer – Basically these animals use for earning livelihood such as by milking cows, buffaloes and gods apart from this people also use them for trading purposes Nowadays in agriculture sector most of the people have sophisticated machinery small scale farmers still use animals for cultivating their farmlands

Question 4. Do you think raising farm animals is important?

Answer – Yes I think, so that farm animals and their rearing and breeding is very important nowadays since human demands are beyond control so in order to cope up with these demands there is a scope for more breeding farms like demand for milk products meet chicken and so on

Question 5. What’s the most famous wild animal from your country?

Answer – Well, there are many wild animals in my country in different places, and I believe almost all animals are equally popular, but if we need to choose one, then loin is the most known wild animal in India.

Question 6. What’s your favourite wild animal (from your country)?

Answer – Among the huge biodiversity of animals, I like wolves most because of their unique feature, such as monogamy. It means they like to live with the same partner till last if one partner died, then the other would not pair with any other words wolf.

Question 7. Do you like to watch TV programs about wild animals?

Answer – Yes, I do even I can say every night I see Discovery Channel while having dinner I’m very addicted to watching wild animals, and most of the time, if I get the opportunity I also use my mobile phone and YouTube to learn more about biodiversity as much as I can

Question 8. Did you learn something about wild animals at school?

Answer – Yes, at school teachers used to tell us about wild animals, and they also let us know how to distinguish between wild animals and pet animals and they sometimes they also told us that how to deal with wild animals if you encountered them and even I studied wild animals in my books also.

Question 9. Where can you see wild animals?

Answer – basically we can see wild animals in forests as well as in zoos. Still, nowadays, some species are extinct, so government authorities make these areas are restricted, public intervention is completely banned, so in this case, people use digital technology such as YouTube, television programmes and so on to see these animals.

Question 10. In which country do you think you can see many wild animals?

Answer – well, from discovery I came to know that most species of animals are in South Africa, so I think this is the best place to see wild animals

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