Speaking follow up questions A speech you heard IELTS EXAM

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Speaking follow up questions A speech you heard


Question: Why do people get nervous when they speak in public?

I think public speaking is the most common fear among people. There are many

reasons why people feel nervous when speaking in public. It may be due to lack of

confidence, lack of knowledge about the subject or the topic, hesitation due to the

feeling that they are being judged.

Question. How can they improve their public speaking skills?

Public speaking can be improved by gaining more knowledge about the subject. This will build up confidence. It can be practice with friends and family, who

can help improve the speaking skills by giving feedback. We can also make use of

technology by recording our speech and replaying it. And getting a lot of practice

before the actual event helps improve the confidence to speak in front of audience.

Question:. Why do you many people find it hard to give a talk to young children?

I think it is hard to give a talk to young children because they usually have a very

short attention span. They get distracted easily and it is important to keep them

constantly involved and engaged during the speech. They are not mature enough to

know the facts and there have different strategies used to explain the subject or the

topic to them, for example, by telling a story that they can relate to and understand.

Question. What different kinds of speeches or lectures have you attended in your life?

I have attended many kinds of speeches and lectures that in my life. During my

school and college years, I have attended various lectures delivered by my teachers

or guest speakers, about various topics and subjects. I have attended some

motivational speeches about things like time management, positive thinking, etc.

There are many religious speeches that I have heard at the

Gurudwara/temple/mosque. I have also hears speeches from/by political

leaders, usually right before elections. I have attended speeches and lectures about

social issues also, like drug addiction, female feticide, dowry issue and many more.

Question. Nowadays technology has replaced some aspects of communication. Can you give any examples of that?

Yes, nowadays people can make presentations, and then it becomes very easy to

speak because they don’t have to mug up things to speak. The points they have to

elaborate on, are visible in the presentation

Question: What qualities (attributes) should these visiting speakers have?

There are many qualities/attributes required to be a good speaker, like confidence, in –

depth knowledge about the topic, good memory, ability to keep the audience engaged,

which can be achieved through an interactive session, where everyone in the

audience is involved or maybe by adding a touch of humor.

Question. Why do people give speech to children?

The main reason for giving a lecture or a speech to children is to teach them moral or

social values or to give knowledge about a particular topic or subject. It could also be

used to motivate children to perform better or maybe to become more organized.

Question. Who makes people do so?

It could be the parents, the school/college management, local NGOs, government

authorities, like the traffic police, etc.

Question How media relates to the speech to children in school?

Media plays a very important role in everyone’s life these days. The speeches given

to children in schools can be published in newspapers or broadcast on TV, which

further helps spread the message or awareness among other schools/educational

institutions and the children.

Question. What kind of people can give speech to children?

People with in-depth knowledge about the subject or the topic and those who

understand that children have a very short attention span and need to be constantly

kept engaged and involved are the ones who can give speech to children.

Question. How about people on normal jobs?

People on normal jobs can definitely give speeches to schoolchildren. It helps the

children understand the importance of various jobs that people do, be it a firefighter or

a bank employee or a police inspector and so on.

Question. Do you think people who are good public speakers have talents that they were born with?

Some people are born with good oratorical skills, but some people can develop these

skills with constant practice

Speaking follow up questions A speech you heard

Speaking follow up questions A speech you heard

Speaking follow up questions A speech you heard

Speaking follow up questions A speech you heard

Speaking follow up questions A speech you heard

Speaking follow up questions A speech you heard

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