Speaking Follow Up Questions A tall building IELTS EXAM

Speaking Follow Up Questions A tall building

Question: What kinds of buildings are popular in India now?

India is a diverse country. All types of buildings are popular in India. It depends on geographical area and also on the density of the population. In metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi, there are tall buildings to accommodate more people, but smaller towns and cities have buildings, which spread horizontally and not vertically. In areas with heavy rainfall, there are sloped roofs, whereas in other areas there are flat terraces. So, it is difficult to generalize what types of buildings are popular in India now.

Question: Compare old buildings and modern buildings. Which do people prefer to live in?

Old buildings were more spacious, but modern buildings are more compact. Old buildings spread horizontally, but modern buildings spread vertically. Old buildings mostly used locally available materials, but modern buildings use materials from around the world. Old buildings had visible wiring and pipelines, but modern buildings have concealed wiring and water pipes. Today people prefer to live in modern buildings. Modern buildings are more comfortable and easy to manage.

Question: How do people in India feel about old buildings?

People have different feelings about old buildings. Some people think that these should be demolished and new ones should be made instead.

Question: Do old people and young people in India have the same attitudes towards old building?

Old people and young people do not have the same attitude towards old buildings. Old people are emotionally attached to old buildings, and so they want to preserve them and restore them.

These are the Speaking Follow Up Questions A tall building

Question: Is it important to preserve old buildings?

Yes, it is important to preserve some old buildings, especially those which have some historical importance and can attract tourism. However, those buildings, which are in a very dilapidated state should be demolished and new ones built Instead.

Question: Do you think it’s worth the money to preserve old buildings?

I do not think it is a waste of money to preserve those old buildings, which have some historical significance and can earn revenue in the form of the tourist dollar.

Question: How have buildings changed in the past few years?

Buildings have changed a lot in the past few years. Today we have more high-rise buildings. Materials used in the buildings are also imported from all over the world. Buildings today focus more on utility than beauty.

Question: Are expensive buildings a waste of money

It depends. If too much money is spent to improve the facade of the building, then it is a waste of money. But, if money is spent to make the building more energy-efficient and utilitarian, then it is certainly not a waste of money.

Question: Is it important to design a building

Yes, it is very important to design a building. It would be very unwise to just start constructing without a plan. The lighting, ventilation, security and many other things have to be considered

Question: Can natural calamities affect people living in tall buildings?

Yes, definitely. That is why very tall buildings need highly skilled architects and engineers. Today’s architects can design skyscrapers that can bear the brunt of such natural calamities.

Question: What has been the biggest change in your hometown in the last few years?

The biggest change has been the building of two flyovers, which have greatly improved the traffic problem.

Question: what are the Advantages of tall buildings?

Accommodate a large number of people, which is important as the population is burgeoning and land is getting scarce. * Tall buildings allow green spaces for parks, which are the lungs of the community. * Water supply, central heating and cooling, waste disposal etc. are more efficient when done in small spaces.  Tall buildings are more attractive

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Question: What are the Disadvantages of tall buildings?

  • Highly skilled architects and engineers are needed, so the cost goes up. If the tall buildings are just 4-5 storey’s then cost is less, but for constructing skyscrapers a lot of budgets is needed. * Risky in case of natural calamities such as earthquakes. * They can block the view and sunshine of the neighbouring buildings

Question: What are the Advantages of horizontal cities?

  • People who live in horizontal cities can enjoy a better quality of life. The population of these cities is small, and residents have more opportunities to interact with their neighbours, creating a community with strong bonds. cities have a better quality of life. * People living in houses with one or two floors feel a sense of spaciousness as they have a broad view of the sky. The ventilation system is also much better in small buildings compared to tall buildings. * In addition, the small house is safe in case of risks, which are caused by natural calamities such as earthquakes.


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