Speaking Follow up Questions Describe a Team Project for Study or Entertainment IELTS EXAM

Speaking Follow Up Questions Describe a team project for study or entertainment

Question: What kinds of qualities does a leader need?

A leader needs to have good communication skills. He should be able to lead by example. If he wants his team to be punctual he should himself be punctual. You should know how to get work done.

Question: Do children need to know more about teamwork?


Yes, children should know a lot about teamwork, because they have to work in teams at all stages of their life.

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Question: Is cooperation more important than competition?

Competition and cooperation are equally important. Both competition and cooperation are needed in our day-to-day lives. We need to compete with others in exams, or when we start a new business. We need to cooperate with our colleagues at work, and with other players in the team sports. Children should be taught both – competition and cooperation. They should also be taught where to compete and where to cooperate.

Question: What are the reasons for the failure of teamwork?

Teamwork fails if there is no coordination between the team members. Teamwork also fails if the team leader is not very competent.

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