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Speaking Follow up Questions Website You Visit Often IELTS EXAM

Speaking Follow-up questions Website you visit often

Question: What are the benefits of the Internet?

There are many benefits of the Internet. The Internet has revolutionized each and every field of life. Today we can video chat with anyone across the world, do shopping from any corner of the world and study from any college or university of the world.

Question: Should Internet use be compulsory for all students? Why?

The Internet is a powerful tool for students today. However, I don’t think its use should be made compulsory. If its use is made compulsory, the students of poor families may be burdened with the cost of equipment and the Internet connection.

Question: Can elderly people benefit from using the Internet, as well?

Of course, the elderly can benefit the most. They can stay connected with their children and grandchildren all the time. The elderly have a lot of time on their hands, so they can pass their time by surfing the net and playing games online. They do not need to go anywhere for small requirements. They can order anything sitting at home. They can consult any doctor anywhere in the world by showing their digital scan and X-ray reports.

Question: Compared to several decades ago, do you think the Internet has changed people’s lives?

The Internet has transformed people’s lives. Life without the Internet now seems incomplete. It appears as if one is cut off from the world and life has come to a standstill. It has made many things easy, but at the same time increased our dependence on such technology.

Question: How do you think children could be encouraged to (or, taught to) use the Internet in positive ways?

First of all, parents should set an example by positively surfing the net and not opening vulgar content on their computers. Then they should monitor what their children use the net for. Teachers can also play a role in making children aware of the harmful effects of the wrong use of the Internet. They should be told that if they use the Internet in any wrong way then they can be caught by cyber crime cells and the punishments are severe. Parents can also block some sites.

Question: Do you think online education is good?

Online education is a Bonn for those who are in remote areas and cannot attend college or university. It is also good for working people, as it allows them to study at their convenient time. Those who are handicapped can also benefit a lot from online education. Students can also get an education from the best universities in the world by sitting in their home country.

Question: What impact has the Internet had on modern people’s lives?

The Internet has taken over modern people’s lives. Everything they do is dependent on their Internet connectivity. In many ways, the Internet is like power in their hands, but in some ways the effects are negative. Face-to-face communication has taken a back seat. People are well connected online but otherwise are leading isolated lives.

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Question: What are the pros and cons of children using the Internet?

When children use the Internet, it is very important to see what they are surfing and how much time they are spending on the Internet. It is very easy to enter sites with obscene content, which can be very detrimental for children. The Internet can be a very powerful educational tool for children, but as they are too immature to know what is good or bad for them, so they need to be supervised when they are online.

Question: Do different age groups use it for entertainment in different ways?

Yes, different age groups use the Internet for different purposes. Online shopping has

become very popular among the young generation. The elderly mainly use it for connecting to their children and grandchildren, who are living away because of reasons such as for jobs.

Question: What is the effect of the Internet on communication between people?

The Internet has connected people and the fact cannot be denied that the young generation of today has the widest network of friends than ever before in the history of mankind, but face-to-face communication has suffered. On the whole, people are connected 24/7. Mothers are not worried if their children are away, as they can call and ask of their well-being all the time.

Question: What do you think about Internet access in libraries?

Internet access is a must in libraries these days. Libraries with traditional books have their importance, but Internet access helps students prepare assignments and access those books, which are not available in the physical form.

Question: Does it mean in the future libraries will disappear?

Libraries have their importance and will never disappear completely.

Question: Do you think the Internet (or, computers) will ever replace teachers?

The Internet can never completely replace teachers. A computer can tell you whether you are wrong or right, but only a teacher can tell you where you went wrong. Teachers keep the students focused on study. Today teachers have raised their level of teaching by using the Internet to keep themselves updated with the latest academic knowledge. They then devise their innovative methods to teach in even better ways.

Question: In what ways is the Internet used for entertainment?

The Internet is a powerful tool for entertainment. We can listen to songs, download movies and other videos and also stream movies and see them online. We can join a group of other people with similar interests and interact with them, We can also earn from the internet through Google adds etc.

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