Speaking Follow Ups a Time You Spent with A Child IELTS EXAM

Speaking Follow Ups A time you spent with a child

Question: Why is it hard for parents to raise a child?

Raising a child is a full-time job. Many parents find it difficult to raise a child because they are busy in their work, and hence find it difficult to manage enough time. They have to work also because they want to provide their child with the best education and other things. The situation is worse in families where both parents are working.

Question: What things can children learn from toys?

Children can learn a lot from toys. They develop imagination and creativity when they make stories with their toys.

Question: What’s the best age to raise a child?

As such, there is no best age for raising a child. One should have a child only when one is fully prepared to enter the commitment of raising the child. That is why, perhaps, nowadays people are having children later on in life. Raising a child is a full-time job and requires the full commitment of at least one parent.

Question: What do you think about children from rich families who have lots of toys?

I think it is not good to buy children lots of toys. Children who have lots of toys do not learn to share their toys. They also do not value their toys, because they have too many of them. It also has been seen that children who have lots of toys do not develop their imagination as compared to children who have fewer toys.

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Question: Do you think children are important?

Yes, children are important because no one lives forever. Children are the future of any civilization. They carry the times forward.

Question: How do you think children and teenagers are different?

Teenagers are also children, but slightly older children. They are confused children. They don’t know whether they are children or adults. When they play with small children they feel out of place, when they sit with older people, they feel out of place. Important physical and hormonal changes are going on in their body, which is stressful for them. They are still children at heart, but they have started looking older.

Question: Do you think children today are happier than children in the past?

No, I do not think so. I think that today’s children are faced with more stress than children of the past. They are exposed to the global culture, and want to adopt it, but their parents want them to stick to the traditional culture. This stress was not faced by the children of the past. Moreover, children are exposed to a lot of career options, and want to walk on the un-trodden path, but their parents want them to follow the traditional courses and traditional jobs.

Question: For parents, what is important when bringing up their child?

It is important to provide their child with a good education, and also teach him/her moral values. Parents need to realize that just providing things to children is not enough; they have to give time also.

Question: What does a child need in order to develop well?

A child needs good education, good surroundings, quality time with family and moral values.

Question: How do you think young parents can know how to bring up their child?

Yes, young parents can certainly know how to bring up a child. They can learn from their elders at home.

Question: Who do you think has more responsibility to take care of a child, the mother or the father?

I think both parents have equal responsibility to take care of the child. Raising a child is a daunting task, add should not be left on one parent.

Question: Do you think mothers and fathers have different roles to play in bringing up a child?

Nowadays, there are no gender differences in bringing up a child. Traditionally, the mother was responsible for the emotional needs of the child, when is the father looked after the financial needs. But today, fathers changing diapers and cooking for their children is a common sight

Question: Who (or, which) do you think is more important for a child, the mother or the father?

Both are equally important.

Question: Why do mothers sometimes have a job outside the home?

Nowadays, mothers have to work outside the home, because two incomes are needed to run the house.

Question: Do you think it’s good for a mother to also have a job?

I think it is good for the mother to have a job, but both parents should manage their time in such a way that their child is not left unattended.

Question: which do you think is better, to have one child or more than one?

I personally think, two children should be there in every family, because children learn to share and care for each other. They also give each other company when parents are busy at work.

Question: Do you think parents of a single child treat their child differently to the way parents who have several children treat their children?

I think, all parents treat all their children the same, but sibling jealousy is very common. Older child feels that more love is being given to the younger child.

Question: Is there any difference between the way children play today and the way children used to play, in the past?

In the past children used to play outdoor games, but today children most deeply indoor games. They play electronic games, which are usually played alone.

Question: Which do you think is better (for the development of) children, indoor activities or outdoor activities?

I think both indoor and outdoor activities are needed for the development of children. It is the responsibility of parents to see to it that their children do both indoor and outdoor activities equally.

Question:  What benefits are there for children in playing sport?

Children have a lot of benefits of playing sport. Firstly, it develops them physically. Secondly it also leads to mental development. We all know that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Sports also teach children many virtues of life.

Question: Do you think children today should do more physical exercise?

Yes, children today should do more physical exercise because lives have become very sedentary. On top of that children eat a lot of junk food, which is rich in fats and salts and is leading to childhood obesity.

Question: What sports do you think are most suitable for children?

All types of sports are most suitable for children. They learn competition from competitive sports, which are played alone, and they learn co-operation from team sports, which they play in a group.

Question: How do you think indoor games affect the development of children?

Indoor or electronic games are very important for the development of children. Video game playing introduces children to computer technology Some games provide practice in problem solving and logic. E.g. Age of Empires Video games have proved to improve visual skills. Some games have therapeutic applications with patients.

Question: How important do you think it is that young children’s play allows them to get some physical exercise ?

I think it is very important for children to play outside. It gives them the much-needed exercise and also give them a chance to be with nature.

Question: Do you think watching TV is good for children?

Watching TV is very good for children but only if it is done in a limit. When children watch too much TV, then they forget their homework and other outdoor activities.

Question: Do you think it’s important for children to learn to co-operate with other children?

Yes, it is very important for children to learn to cooperate with others. In adult life we have to cooperate with others around us, and so children should learn this skill in their childhood.

Question: Which do you think is better, having a big family or a small family?

Both big and small families have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. However, I feel that big families are better.

Question: Please compare the benefits of the nuclear family as opposed to a joint and an extended family?

A nuclear family has a lot of benefits. The cost of running a nuclear family is lesser, because you need a smaller house. In a nuclear family parents can give more time to their children, because they don’t have to look after the other elderly members of the family. There is more privacy in the nuclear family. On the other hand, in a joint family you’re never alone. Children are well looked after. If managed properly the cost of living of a joint family can also come down, because the ordered expenses are shared. You don’t need two refrigerators, two washing machines and other such things.

Question: Do you think it would be a good idea to have classes, which parents could attend to learn how to be good parents?

Yes, it would definitely be good to have parenting classes, because bringing up children needs a lot of commitment.

Question: Which do you think is most important for a child’s education, family, friends or school?

All these things are equally important. A family educates the child in different ways. Friends and schooling have their own role in educating a child. A family gives social values. Friends teach sharing and caring. Schools impart academic education apart from social values and other things.

Question: Do you think parents should read adult books to their children?

No, I think parents should read children’s books to children. Children can read adult books when they become adults.

Question: What do you think are the differences between studying at home and studying at school?

When children are home schooled, they get one on one attention of their teachers. They can study at their own pace. They can study any additional subject of their choice, such as any language. On the other hand, going to school has its own benefits. Children learn a lot from their peers at school. They can do team sports at school.

Question: Why do you think learning theoretical material is emphasized more than learning practical skills in India?

Theory has its own importance. It is the base of all practical work. That is why, perhaps, it is emphasized more.

Question: Why do you think so many Indian people go abroad to study practical skills?

Practical skills are emphasized more in the developed countries. They have a better labs to teach practical subjects.

Question: Do you think the education system in India should be reformed?

Yes, I think the education system in India should be reformed. More emphasis should be given to the practical skills.

Question: Do you think hitting children is sometimes necessary for discipline?

I do not think corporal punishment is needed to discipline the child. Corporal punishment can prove very damaging in the long run. Children can become rebels or they may withdraw into their shell. Corporal punishment can turn stubborn children into even more stubborn children.

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