A Gift You Took for Someone From Market.

Talk about a gift you took for someone from the market.

What was It??
For whom you purchased it?
Why you purchased it??
How you felt about it??

Sample Answer:–

Well, A gift is a token of love. People like beautiful gifts to each other on special occasions such as birthday, anniversary, marriage, and so on. I also like to purchase gifts for my near and dear ones.

Here I would like to take an opportunity to talk about a precious gift which I purchased for my mother. It was a gold ring with a beautiful pearl on it. I describe it briefly.

Last year, there was the birthday of the mother and I wanted to give her a beautiful gift. To be honest, before this time, I never give any gift to my mother. So I wanted to do it.

Every month, I got 2000 rupees from my father as pocket money. And my mother’s birthday was coming. I decided to purchase a gold ring for her.

I started saving money from my pocket money. Through this method, I saved enough money to purchase a gold ring.

Then I went to a jewelry showroom and purchased a beautiful gold ring. Luckily, by the grace of God, I got a 40% discount online purchase of this gold ring.

I packed in a beautiful gift wrapper and give it to my mother on her birthday. She felt so glad. A smile on her face had made my day.

On that time, I felt myself on the ninth cloud. That was a beautiful moment of my life and I will never forget it.

All in all, it was a gift which I took for my mother on her birthday.

Talk about a gift you took for someone from market.

Follow UPS–

Why people give gifts to others?

Why do you like to receive precious gifts from others??

Do you like to buy expensive gifts for others? Why or why not?

Why or why not people like to receive plants as a gift??

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