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Talk About a Gift You Took From Someone.

Talk about a gift you took from someone.

Talk about a gift you took from someone.

Sample Answer:-

Well, a gift is a token of love. People distribute gifts to each other on special occasions such as birthday, anniversary, marriage, and so on. I also like to give gifts to my near and dear ones. I also received many gift from others. here I would take an opportunity to talk about a special gift that I took from my mother. It was a beautiful dress. I describe it briefly.

Approximately two months ago, I went to the supermarket with my mother for shopping. When I was crossing a showroom of ready-made clothes, I saw a beautiful dress in the display. It was a blue colored floor length gown. It attracted me the most.

On that time, I wanted to purchase this dress but unfortunately, I didn’t get it.

There was my 23rd birthday last Sunday. My parents decided to celebrate it at my home. I celebrated it only with my family members.

My mother Baked a delicious cake for me. After cutting the cake, She gave me a gift. Also, other family members gave me gifts.

Firstly, I opened my mother’s gift. I felt so much glad it was that blue color gown which I wanted to purchase. I said thank you to my mum because She bought it for me. Then, she said me to wear it.

I wore this beautiful gown and got compliments from all family members. My elder brother clicked some photographs of mine with the help of a mobile phone.

All in all, it was a beautiful gift which I took from my mother. I love this dress and I wear it many times.

Follow UPS–

Why people give gifts to others?
Do you like to receive precious gifts from others?? Why or why not?
Do you like to buy expensive gifts for others? Why or why not?
Do people like to receive plants as a gift?? Why or why not?

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