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Guidelines for Students to Evaluate for IELTS Task

Guidelines for Students to Evaluate for IELTS Task

Guidelines for Students to Evaluate for IELTS Task

IELTS Fever is a podium for those who are making preparation for the IELTS exam but not know how to start it. So don’t be tensed about your exam. Because IELTSFEVER provides you with data that is totally chargeless. So, You don’t need to pay a single amount.

We cannot make online classes hence we are ensuring that We are helping you through our material and tasks, that will available to students on their what’s app group so that they can prepare for the exam.

Dear students. To continue your study.  Ielts fever group will send you IELTS material(three days a week) regarding writing and speaking . That is totally free of cost.

Here are some guidelines you have to follow:

  1. Our team will send you writing Task 1 and Task 2 for both general as well as academic students, and you have to revert the answer back within 32 hours of the test. We will evaluate the test on the very next day of 32hours. and give you a band score according to your work. (for eg: if we send the test on 1 January at 8:00 am then you will respond back till 2 January by 11 pm and we will send your scores on 3 January till 11 pm as per Indian standard)
  2. You have to answer the test in text format and send us through email. Email-id is

  3. Please Note (You should  type in the email we Don’t accept scanned or images thanks)

  4. Please mention your name and city along with the question( in the subject field of email)  while sending the answer through email and we check only the date wise, so you must send us the answer before the next test.

  5. After checking your work our experts will give you a band score.

The students who are willing to continue their studies with us Can send us their name along with ur city on

contact 📞9914301883 so that we can join them in our broadcast list.

Guidelines for Students to Evaluate for IELTS Task




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