Most helpful synonyms used in ielts writing and speaking module part 2


Hard:-                Difficult, stern, firm, cruel, solid, inflexible, strong Most helpful synonyms used in IELTS writing and speaking module part 2.

Hardship:-         Difficulty, adversity, calamity, affliction, privation, trouble.

Haven:-             Refuge, shelter, protection,  asylum,  Oasis, cove.

Holy:-                Pious, sacred, saintly, blessed, godly, divine.

Homage:-         Respect, tribute, reverence, loyalty, praise, adoration.

Horror:-            Dread, terror, disgust, aversion, panic, alarm, fright.

Hostage:-        Security, pledge, bond, guarantee, captive, Pawn, surety.

Humane:-        Kind, merciful, tender, sympathetic, good-natured, tolerant.

Humble:-         Modest, meek, paltry, submassive, unimportant, lowly.

 Habit:-            Practice, style, convention, way, tendency, pattern, foible.

Habitat:-         Home, domain, haunt, habitation, abode, territory, lodging, apartment.

Handsome:-    Attractive, personable, hot, tasty, personable, gorgeous, cute, fine.

Happen:-         Occur, ensure, result, arise, develop, emerge, chance, transpire.

Hardly:-          Barely, faintly, narrowly, slightly, rarely, little, slightly, seldom, infrequently.

Harm:-           Injury, hurt, pain, suffering, distress, grief, damage, ruin, mischief.

Hatch:-           Invent, device, breed, formulate, project, induce, generate.

Health:-          Fitness, well-being, strength, vigor, energy, haleness.

Heaven:-        Glory, immortality, atmosphere, upstairs, dreamland, wonderful.

Hence:-          So, away, thus, accordingly, from here, consequently.

Hesitate:-       Pause, delay, debate, hedge, fluctuate, stop, hang, stutter.

Hide:-             Conceal, secrete, protect, ditch, squirrel, reserve, stifle,cover.

Honest:-         Truthful, candid, frank, true, honorable, reliable, trustworthy.

Honor:-           Glory, tribute, fame, prestige, ethics, virtue, integrity.

Host:-             Party giver, entertainer, hostess, anchor, keeper, owner, a manager. 

Humid:-         Close, heavy, fuggy, stuffy, moist, clammy, sticky, oppressive.

Hurricane:-    Cyclone, storm, tornado, gale, monsoon, whirlwind, squall.

Hegemony:-   leadership, control, authority, supremacy, primary, command, power. 

Haggard:-       Tired, Drawn, unwell, sickly, spent, pale, grey, sallow, thin.

Hireling:-       Worker, laborer, employee, aide, servant. 

Halcyon:-      Calm,  pleasant, peaceful, quiet, gentle, still, golden, joyful, thriving. 

Hallowed:-    Divine, turtle, sacred, sanctified, holy, blest, involiable.

Hurtle:-          Speed, rush, zoom, flash, shoot, flash, bowl, shoot, scramble.

Hilarity:-       Gaiety,  delight, glee, comedy, levity, jollity, scoot, push, rush.

Heckler:-        Badger, embarrass, hound, interrupt, rattle, ridicule.


Ideal:-       Perfect, supreme, absolute, complete, ultimate, copybook, flawless.

Idle:-        lazy, indolent, inert, torpid, slack, listless, petty, foolish, inane.

Ignoble:- Dishonourable, unworthy, base, shameful, abject, low, improper.

Illustrious:- Eminent, noted, important, significant,  remarkable, outstanding, great.

Immense:- Huge, vast, extensive, expansive, towering, monstrous, titanic, thumping.

Immortal:-   Goddess, deity, perpetual, unfading, inextinguishable, enduring.

Incite:-  Encouage, stimulate, instigate, ferment, generate, inspire, inflame, rouse.

Independence:- Self-government, home rule, self-sufficient, liberty, impartially, disinterest.

Industrious:- Production, fabrication, business, profession, occupation, Craft.

Infinite:- Boundless,  unlimited, never-ending, countless, prodigious, in numerous, untold.

Identification:- Empathy, rapport, togetherness, placing, discovery, sympathy, unity.

If:-                  Uncertainty, condition, stipulation, restriction, specification, modification, specification.

Ignore:-           Disregard, slight, shun, slight, reject, neglect, wink, avoid.

Imagination:-     Interest,  facination, attention, curiousty,  passion, vision, flair.

Impatient:-   Irritated, annoyed, intolerant,  tempered, abrupt, querulous, displeased. 

Imitate:-     Assume, duplicated, resemble, simulate, Parallel, reflect, spoof, mimic.

Import:-      Drift, implication, burden, purport, thrust, tenor, construction. 

Importance:-    Significance, urgency, value, gravity, influence, prominence, greatness.

Impression:-   Suspicion, inkling, idea, apprehension, conviction, conception, view.

Improve:-    Upgrade, trump, raise, revamp, enhance, develop, progress, recover, purify.

Improvement:-   Development, refinement, advancement, correction, enenhancement, recovery.

Impulsive:-  Impetuous, emotional, abandoned, adventurous, care, unpremeditated.

Incident:-    Event, occurrence, affair, deed, eventuality, escapade, happening.

Increase:-  Grow, expand, rise, extend, multiple, accurate, improve, enlarge.

Indeed:-    Truly, actually, certainly, surely, absolutely, naturally, quite, positively.

Indicate:-  Designate, specify, stipulate, show, advisable, preferable, prudent.

Individual:-   Single, separate, discrete, lone,  singular, specific, particular, discrete.

Industry:-   Production, fabrication, persistence, dedication, rigor, dynamism.

Infant:-        Emergent,  budding, fledgling, nascent, wean,  neonate, toddler, battling.

Influence:-   Effect, hold, domination, guidance, pressure, modify, bias.

Ingredient:-   Constituent, component, section, part and parcel, fundamental, additive. 

Initial:-     Opening, foundational, prime, early, rudimentary, incipient.

Initiative:- Enterprise, advantage, capability, edge, originality, ambition, creativity.

Injure:-  Hurt, wound, damage, disable, crush, shatter, undermine, tarnish.

Injury:-  Slash, offense, lesion, indignity, injustice, disservice, graze, impairment. 

Inmate:-   Resident, inhabitant, prisoner, captive, resident, occupant, convict. 

Inner:-   Internal, inside, inmost, intellectual, psychological.

Innocent:-    Novice, greenhorn, stainless, virtuous, incorrupt, chaste, spotless.

Inside:-   Interior, centre, nucleus, confidential, exclusive, secret, privileged, internal.

Insert:-    Put, thrust, wedge, slot, infuse, inlay, introduce, admit, infix, inject.

Instance:- Example, occurrence, occasion, illustration, particular, precedent. 

Institute:-   Establishment, foundation, organization, inaugrate, introduce.

Instrument:-   Implement, contraption, equipment, contrivance, tackle, appliance.

Insurance:-  Assurance, indemnity, guarantee, warranty, provision, safeguard, immunity.

Intension:-   Purpose, object, resolve, goal, aspiration, design, scheme, resolution.

Intelligence:- Brainpower, penetration, understanding, reasoning, sense, sharpness, acuity.

Interview:-  Discussion, conference, audiance, dialogue, evaluation, probe, interrogation.

Invention:- orgination, creation, innovation, development, conception, discovery, introduction.

Introduction:-   Institution, inception, origination, commencement, pioneering, presentation.

Junk:-        Rubbish, Waste, Refuse, discard, clutter, scrap, jettison, stuff.

Just:-        Blameless, reliable, righteous, dispassionate, ethical, virtuous, unbiased.

Jealous:-  Doubting, mistrustful, anxious, overprotective, clinging.

Joint:-   Join, intersection, connection, coupling, brace, common, reciprocal. 

Journal:- Newspaper, publication, magazine, periodical, newsletter, obsevation. 

Journey:-   Trip, tour, wandering, roving, pilgrimage, jaunt, transfer, safari.

Judgment:- Perception, penetration, awareness, understanding, cleverness.

Justice:- Fairness, impartially, morality, propriety, egalitarianism.

Jurisdiction:-Authority, administration, hegemony, influence, leadership, sway.

 Knowledge:- Understanding, awareness, mastery, accomplishment, expertise.

Keen:-        Eager, anxious, determined, ambitious, dedicated, zealous, avid.

Keep:-      Maintenance, support, subsistence, remain, castle, fort. 

Kill:-         Murder, eliminate, destroy, extinguish, ruin, smash, crush, scrag, decimate. 

Kind:-       Sort, style, category, version, clement, compassionate, tolerant. 

Knock:-     Hit, jolt, strike, buffet, Bang, hammering, stroke, bash, punch.

Knot:-       Tie, join, loop, tangle, growth, knurl, uncombed, entanglement. 

Kindly:-      Warmly, lovingly, affectionately, tenderly, sympathetically, charitably.

Label:-   Tag, ticket, tab, sticker, marker, docket, chit, chitty, flag, stamp.

Lack:-  Absence, deprivation, paucity, destitution, scarcity, meagrness, deficit.

Lately:- Recently, newly, freshly, latterly, just now, not long ago, afresh.

Laugh:-  Joke, chuckle, giggle, chortle, snort, fracture, scream.

Large:-  Big, massive, immense, vast, unlimited, goodly, prodigious, huge.

Launch:- Float, organize, begin, initiate, introduce, activate, create, establishment.

Leader:-  Chief, head, captain, commander,  moderate, superior, administrator. 

Lawyer:- Advocate, solicitor, counselor, pleader, defender, attorney, jurist.  

Lazy:-    Idle, indolent, inactive, remiss, plodding, lethargic, sluggish.

Liberty:-   Freedom, autonomy, authority, dispensation, exemption.

Leather:-   Strap, lash, birch, spank, whip, thrash, parchment. 

Leave:-  Quit, vacate, abandon, vacate, allowance, consent, go-ahead, sufferance.

Lend:-    Loan, impart, contribute, afford, furnish, impart, offer, grant.

Length:-  Extent, distance, area, period, duration, expanse,  height, period.

Level:-  Strength, proportion, quantity, extent, measure, volume, magnitude, pitch.

Lift:-  Raise, hoist, boost,  carry, improve, enhance, upgrade.

Light:-   Gleam,  dazzle, moonlight, luminosity, radiance, shining, starlight.

Like:-   As, Namely, similar, corresponding, parallel, equivalent, resembling.

Liquid:-  Fluid, flowing,  moisture, liquor, secretion.

List:-     Inventory, File, tally, catalog, ballot.

Literature:-  Documentation, publicity, novel, poetry, history.

Little:-    Small, short, mini, compact, junior.

Literary:-  Classical,  bookish, literate, literate, formal, scholarly.

Litigate:-  Dispute, appeal, contest, sue, process, action, expedite.

Loaf:-   Cube, dough, pastry, twist, mass, bun.

Local:-  Community, district, regional, confined, town, city, bounded.

Locate:- Find, detect, situate, reveal, discover, establish. 

Logical:-  Reasoning, thinking, rational, systematic, consistent, analytical.

Lord:-     Noble, governor, commander, captain 

Least:- Minimum, minimal, bottom, last, atomic, lowest. 

Lean:- Slant, incline, slope, bias, slender, slim.

Laborious:-  Arduous, grueling, tough, exacting, breaking, challenging, labored.

Laceration:-  Slashing, ripping, grazing, incision, stabbing, damaging, injury, wounding. 

Lackluster:- Uninspired, colourfull, commonplace, spiritless, torpid, uninterested.

Laggard:-  Sluggard, slug, snail, loafer, idler, lounger.

Lament:- Wail, lamentation, complaint, weeping, deplore, regret, bemoan.

Languid:- Relaxed, unhurried, sluggish, indifferent, impassive, idle.

Languour:-  Enervated, limp, exhausted, tired, feeble.

Lapse:-    Failure, slip, error, mistake, negligence, oversight, fault.

Larceny:-  Theft, burglary, housebreaking, entering, appropriation, pinch.

Lassitude:- Weariness, exhaustion, fatigue, drowsiness, sloth, apathy. 

Latent:-     Dormant, inactive, hidden, unexpressed, concealed, invisible, concealed.

Laud:-       Praise, extol,  admire, applaud, lionize, cheer, celebrate, salute. 

Lavish:-    Sumptuous, luxurious, grand, splendid, pour, opulent.

Legacy:-Bequest, heritage, endowment, settlement, devise.

Legerdemain:- Trickery,  cunning, craft, wizardry dissimulation, artifice.

Legislate:- Pass, decree, order, authorize, rule, constitutionalize.

Legitimate:- Legal, lawful, licit, allowable, licensed.

Leisure:- Breathing, peace, pleasure, entertainment, space. 

Lenient:- Merciful, forgiving, humane, sympathetic, tolerant, permissive. 

Lethal:- Fatal, Deadly, dangerous, mortal, threating, terminal, harmful. 

Lethargy:- stagnationlazinessidlenessindolence, shiftlessness, sloth.


Leverage:-Hold, contactattachmentsupportanchorageforcestrength, resistancefriction

Levity:-High spiritsvivacitylivelinesstrivialitysillinessfoolishness.

Liable:-Responsible,accountable, answerable,blameworthy.

Libation:- offering, tribute, dedication, offering, sacrifice.

Liberate:- Free, release, discharge, deliver, unbind, unfetter. 

Lien:- Charge , claim, privilege, declaration,assertion.

Limpid:- Comprehensible, crystalline, distinct, transparent.

Linger:- Stay remain, tarry, hesitate, shuffle, crawl.

Literal:-Actual, accurate, authentic, ordinary, strict, critical.

Litigious:- Combative, contentious, argumentative, disputable.

Loath:- Against, resistant, hostile, opposed, antagonistic. 

Lofty:- Tall, hight, giant, magnificent,  lifted, towering. 

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