TIP(5) IELTS Listening Difficulties latest tips

5. Date and Time

IELTS test date is one of the few will be involved in ordinal numeral of the examination center. In general as long as the first, second, and third was able to set clear and understand ordinal numeral is generally not a problem. But the ordinal numeral is written sometimes certain problems may arise, for example, some candidates will 22nd mistakenly written 22th. At this time, when the examination is in need of special attention. In addition, the wording of the month must pay attention not to write short, write full name, unless the candidate really can not remember the correct spelling, and to confirm at this time spelling is wrong, then you can write short, is better than a good mistake. In addition, a few weeks of the month, like, open the first letter must be capitalized. Then the month, said it can not use Arabic numerals? For example December 12, 2008 Can you write 12/12/2008 then? Only explicit requirements in the title can only fill in “one word or number” of the situation, we can write this way.

In addition to writing, the date and month of the order is sometimes not the same. In fact, theoretically, a month ago after the American and British-style can all be months after a few days ago, but to be safe, as well as to record the convenience of candidates can be used to listen to that obtained by the way, in full accordance with the order of recording the content to write. Sometimes there will be year of the date, regardless of the British American, the year must be written in the final.

Most of us might be able to hear more than a thousand years, and rarely encountered in the year 685 such cases. Over the millennium year is usually read by two numbers, such as: 1995 pronounced nineteen ninety-five. However, there are special circumstances, for example: in 1800, they pronounced eighteen hundred; well beyond the year 2000 the past few years, generally with the “two thousand and …” read this Act, for example: in 2008, pronounced two thousand and eight.


Longre IELTS experts to remind candidates to note that if the subject is required to fill in the date, would use “date”, If “day”, then asked a few weeks, while the “time” to ask is a few minutes. Time, test center, first of all as long as the “quarter, half, to and past” such time that the word figure out; if encountered in a 24-hour expressions, such as 15:45, as far as you can write; as indicated on the afternoon am and pm when writing questions in the table, if the example table and write the same column, then we must write, if not, do not overdo the.

IELTS Listening Difficulties latest tips

IELTS Listening Difficulties latest tips

IELTS Listening Difficulties latest tips

IELTS Listening Difficulties latest tips

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