IELTSFever FREE Online Mock Test Day 216 Recent Exam Tests

IELTSFever FREE Online Mock Test Day 216 Recent Exam Tests Must Read These Instructions before participating in Exam.

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IELTSFever FREE Online Mock Test Day 216

Academic Writing Task 1

The two pie charts below show some employment patterns in Great Britain in 1992. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The two pie charts below show some employment patterns in Great Britain in 1992


General Writing Task 1

You have been offered a job, asking you to start next week. You want the job very much but, because of a previous commitment, you want to delay the start for another two weeks.

Write to the Manager, accepting the job, but explaining your situation and asking for the change to your start date.

General / Academic Writing Task 2

In some countries, the average weight of people is increasing and their level of health and fitness is decreasing. What do you think are the causes of these problems and what measures could be taken to solve them? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.


Part 1 Gifts

Question 1. Do you like giving or receiving gifts?

Question 2. What kind of gifts do you prefer?

Question 3. When do people give gifts or presents in your country?

Question 4. Do you ever take a gift when you visit someone in their home? Why? /Why not?

Question 5. When did you last receive a gift?

Question 6. Do you enjoy looking for gifts for people?

Question 7. Do you give expensive gifts?

Question 8. What kinds of gifts are popular in your country?

Part 2 Cue Card

Describe your favourite weather

  • What kind of weather it is,
  • When this weather usually occurs,
  • What you usually do during this weather,
  • Explain how this weather affects you,
  • And explain why you like this type of weather

Part 3 Questions

Question 1:- Do you often pay attention to the weather forecast? (Why?/Why not?)

Question 2:- How does the weather (or, the weather forecast) affect what activities people do?

Question 3:- Why do some people dislike some kinds of weather?

Question 4:- Does the weather have an effect on the economy?

Question 5:- Are there any differences in economic activity in the different seasons?

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