IELTSFever FREE Online Test Day 29(18-09-2020)

IELTSFever FREE Online Test Day 29(18-09-2020)

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Academic Writing Task 1

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.
The pie chart shows the percentage of women in poverty and the bar chart shows poverty rates by sex and age. They are from the United States in 2008.
IELTSFever FREE Online Test Day 29(18-09-2020)

Summarise the information by selecting and report in the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.


Write at least 150 words

General  Writing Task 1

You are looking for a part-time job at a football club.

Write a letter to the manager of the football club. In your letter,

  • introduce yourself
  • explain what experience and special skills you have
  • tell him/her when you think you could start

General/ Academic Writing Task 2

Although more and more people read the news on the internet, newspapers will remain the most important source of news.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Academic /General speaking 

Describe a time that you wore a type of clothes for a special occasion

You should say:

  • Where you bought the clothes
  • And what other people at the occasion thought of your clothes

IELTSFever FREE Online Test Day 29(18-09-2020)

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  1. In the era of the internet, People from every corner of the world rely more and more on the internet for their day to day activities. People claim that even many individuals can read the news on electronic media but still newspapers can never be replaced by the internet. In this essay I will discuss both sides of the arguments and draw conclusions.

    To begin with, Newspapers are prevalent and still the important source of news. Undoubtedly, people of old age are habitual of reading a newspaper with their morning cup of tea. In addition, they do not know much about the technology and are unaware of how to use the online platforms to read the news. For instance, there are many areas in which there is no network connectivity and people get to know about the latest news only through traditional newspapers. Besides this , even many young people love to read the news in physical newspaper format because the touch of hardcopy gives them a feeling of pleasure and protects their eyes from much strain that occurs due to more reading time on their phone screens. These few instances have told us why many individuals use traditional newspapers to read the news.

    Despite the people who are using traditional newspapers, there is a bigger community of people who use the online sources to read the news. Online sources like news applications and other news sites can give updates to people from all over the world within the seconds of any happenings anywhere. Online sources not only help people to save money but also helps to save a lot of paper. For instance, traditional newspaper buyers are decreasing nowadays and people prefer online platforms that could help to save millions of trees and save costs of recycling and making paper. Indeed, it is safe to say that the internet is helping to save the environment and reduce the expense of daily newspapers as there are many free sources available to get the latest updates from all the corners of the world.

    In conclusion, it is common belief that whether people read news on electronic media but newspapers remain a vital source of information. I believe, people who use traditional newspapers are more habitual to read news that way and some have lesser knowledge of technology. So personally I think, in a world where everything is changing so fast and people are accepting the latest technology and the internet is replacing many things ,the internet also takes the place of traditional newspapers one day.

  2. Well ,there are many occasions that can come in each individual’s life.Some occasions are very much special for us and we would love to dress up for that occasion. Here I would like to talk about my cousin’s wedding. This was the first family wedding in our family tree. So everyone was very much excited for her wedding and so was I.I remember the time even now that how crazy I was that time for all the shopping stuff. Usually I really don’t like traditional dresses in regular daily wear. But if there is any particular special occasion then I would love to wear traditional dresses. So for her wedding I remember I bought lehnga from Ludhiana as there are many traditional wear stores. I bought lehnga of sea green color and on that there was a beautiful embroidery work done by the embroidery artists . With that lehnga there is a beautiful handwoven top and matching dupatta of green and pink color. Everyone at the wedding loved my dress and asked me from where I bought that dress.My friend komal loved that dress and she wants to keep it for her sisters wedding that’s coming next month.So after few days of the wedding I handover my dress to my friend as she loved that dress very much.Now after all the praise I get for my dress ,I am thinking of buying some more traditional wears for my wardrobe collection.I never forget my cousins wedding and the way I flaunt my dress as everyone loved that dress and not keeping their eyes off.

  3. The pie graph delineates the information about the proportion of women living in poverty in the USA in the year 2008.The data has been calibrated in percentage.
    Overall,it can be vividly seen that majority of chart unmarried women with having no children dependent on her living in poverty line.
    It is lucid that,8% of married women which are least in USA or living with no dependent chid on her comes in poverty.Although married women with 12%als spending their lives in poverty but,they also have children with them.
    However,while talking about single women the number seems to be higher than non-single one. Like,single women with dependent children scores 26%.Moreover,single women with no dependent children score 54%which is 28%more than single women with children and also the highest percentage of poverty chart of the year 2008.

  4. These days we are able to see enormous changes in the method of reading news.Like most of the population tell their regards for the internet to read news and articles.But if,i have to say, newspapers were the important source and will remain the most dominant material for extracting news.

    Generally speaking,with an increase in modern technology.News are being provided by many platforms.some of them are Hindustan Times,New York Times,Dainik Bhaskar and many more on the internet.This is an easy and cheap method for gaining current affairs.You have to just type the topic and press enter then by just of doing these 2 easy steps all the information is in front of you.

    But you have to admire this,for all this process you must have a mobile phone or any other compatible device or also an internet connection.

    As you all know,most of the population are suffering from affording these phones.Except these ,Who have such devices some of them do not know how to use it?which is the main problem for not using the internet for news purposes so far.Although the cheaper material,always attract the humans mind and so it happening with newspapers.They are just only pf maximum 5 rupees.Which is just like a small piece of rice of people’s daily income.

    Moreover,you get all the news on the chair.Also,you get to know about those news which you are not aware of.It also improves your reading and our old population who do not know about internet using newspapers for gaining worldwide news.If,newspapers will stop coming.What about them?How they get to know about current affairs.

    In conclusion,with regards of my valuable points.I do not favour the statement. Or i am totally disagree with it.You have to think about all population and most of it do not favour by it results.Once our literacy rate covers our all people then i think or prefer internet will become main source of news,information,browsing and all others thing.

  5. Like our sense of clothing totally tells about our behaviour or personality you have to dress sensible or have to well dressed all the time.A few years back at my older sister’s wedding that was on 10th December.2018.I bought a bright blue color blazer and fabulous outlooking check white shirt with a narrow ankle blue pant.I purchased them from Sarojini market situated in Delhi which is capital of India.At the wedding day when i weared those clothes i swear i was looking so call,amazing.Like i do not able to express in words. My family members and colleagues praise me for my outlook. Especially my siblings. My mother glanced at me to protect me from evil eye.It was an amazing day in my life.

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