In Many Cities, Problems Related to Overpopulation Are Becoming More Common

In many cities, problems related to overpopulation are becoming more common. Some governments are now encouraging businesses and individuals to move out of cities to rural areas. Do the advantages of this trend outweigh the disadvantages?

Certain governments are now encouraging people to move to the countryside due to overpopulation issues in cities. In my opinion, this is a good decision, despite the temporary drawbacks such as the standards of living and economics in society, it would have a long-term positive effect on the environment.

Some people argue that these initiatives can harm the residents and businesses because the living standards of people would be reduced drastically. A person who moves in a short time will recognize an immediate decline in their daily quality of life. For instance, city-dwellers typically enjoy better medical care, a lot of job opportunities, and recreation options as well. Moreover, people may face significant economic issues. As we know, cities tend to be the economic centre of other regions. By reducing the concentration of industry in urban areas, it would be possible if the innovation and invention of citizens will receive a negative impact because the potential and competent employees already dispersed.

On the other hand, this movement would be beneficial for the natural world. If humans move to the rural area, the pollution in the city could be reduced, because the increased pollution is from their private vehicles. Pollution and waste disposal issues can be curbed if people live in smaller communities over a wider area. Residents will be careful about their immediate surroundings. The health of citizens will increase too because they can enjoy pollution-free air at any time. In the future, the waste and pollution issues could be solved.

To sum up, there may be problems related to the quality of life and finance, but the advantages for the environment and public health make this become an advisable strategy, so the government promotion related to this policy must be continuing.

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