In Many Cities the Construction of New Residential Buildings

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In many cities, the construction of new residential buildings and office buildings is not monitored. This leads to people building in any style without thinking about design. Do you agree or disagree with the given statement?

It is often argued that the residents have the freedom to design their homes and workspaces in their own way in my cities owing to limited government regulations on how it should be done. In turn, different shapes, styles, and designs of buildings are scattered in urban areas. I vehemently accord with the said notion and will explicate my stance in the forthcoming paragraphs.

At first, the most conspicuous argument stems from the fact that city limits are expanding irrationally to accommodate the burgeoning population. In other words, innumerable construction projects are being sanctioned by the government without paying heed to the crucial aspect of their designs. The best example of this would be Bangalore, known as the technology capital of India, which has expanded beyond imagination in the last few decades, and the majority of the structures constructed outskirts have been built without any pattern but just based on the availability of land.

Another paramount ground for my belief is that builders are often seen to overlook the construction codes, and guidelines as authorities of many nations do not scrutinize them. Put it, and it is not uncommon for constructors to build more floors than permitted in the contract, thus jeopardizing the lives of the residents. A good example here is Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, where many buildings were damaged during the severe earthquake in 2015 because they were not built in accordance with the safety regulations.

To sum up, I pen down stating that it is true that residents and architects are often seen experimenting with designs or violating the construction norms, which not only are resulting in the marring of the aesthetic appeal of the city but also comprising the security of people residing in these buildings.

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