In Many Countries, Crime Rates Amongst Younger People Have Been Rising

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In many countries, crime rates amongst younger people have been rising. Discuss the causes and solutions for this problem.

Sample 1  In Many Countries, Crime Rates Amongst Younger People Have Been Rising

It has been observed that illegal activities by youngsters have been escalating in several nations. Out of many reasons, unemployment and poor parenting skills are a few. Providing job opportunities and guidance, and counselling can solve crime-related problems well.

To begin with, unemployment is one of the reasons for the growing crime rate among adults. To elaborate on it, youngsters obtain degrees in the stream, which have been opted for them. After completion of the study, they look for a job to earn bread and butter. When they tire of striving a lot and become unsuccessful, they steal, murder or kidnap for livelihood. Therefore, being jobless turn them into a criminal. Moreover, poor parenting skill is another reason. To explain, parents remain busy with their work, taking the childhood stage lightly and ignoring their child, especially when he or she commits a mistake. They could not guess how being ignorant of them their child can ruin the future of their child. They don’t know how to handle a stubborn or mischievous child; consequently, the children do the same when they grow up, and the results are drastic, which later makes the parents feel guilty. For instance, when a child does stealing of a pen or an eraser from another student in a school. Instead of making a child understand to return it to the concerned person, guardians ignore these habits of their children and how children turn into a lawbreaker remains a mystery for their parents.

There are many solutions to this problem .first of all, job opportunities must be provided so that young minds can work and earn. To elaborate, big corporations or factories are always in need of labour. After assessing each candidate, they must be given jobs then they will not do unlawful acts. Instead, they will do hard labour to get promotions and increase wages. Besides, guidance and counselling of the adults can keep them away from criminal activities. To explicate, individuals can be guided and counselled about the outcomes of doing illegal work if they know that they are going to get life imprisonment or a death sentence after doing the murder or other such kind of abominable thing. They will avoid doing it and be able to distinguish between good and bad, namely, when an adolescent is caught red-handed. He or she is told about their punishment. Sometimes the crime is not bigger, and a verbal warning or guidance can save his or her precious life. But the next time, they will avoid doing that. Therefore, the crime rate will reduce.

To conclude, it is clear that bad parenting skills can turn young ones into criminals without a job. The problem can be sorted out by creating jobs as well as providing timely guidance and counselling to the youngsters, and society would be free from such criminal activities, and it will become a better place to live in.

Sample 2 In Many Countries, Crime Rates Amongst Younger People Have Been Rising

Research has been done and suggests that in the next year or two years, technology will replace mankind. I believe this statement is true because it has a good memory, is fast to communicate with others and works continuously.

To begin with, computers have a higher capacity for storage. They can help to gather information within one minute through researching on the net. They think ahead of human beings and don’t make mathematical errors. An example of this is my HP laptop, which I use to save my personal and work documents for future reference. I can try to keep some details or some information in my mind, but within two to three days, I have already forgotten about it because, as human beings, there is a limit to everything that we do. We can’t compare ourselves to machines.

Furthermore, nowadays, it is easy to communicate with other agencies. Now one can sit at his or her home and work with others. It has been easy to send letters to someone far from you; this has helped us to save time and cost. There are just a few charges when sending messages or video calling someone. An example is how I can communicate with my long-distance cousin who lives a mile away from me. Technology has made it easy and faster for us to talk. I either video call her or just send her an email, and within a minute, I get my feedback.

Lastly, there is a limit in everything we do as human; even though machine also has a limit, this limit has been set by humans so that the machine will not get any damage. Computers can work continuously without getting tired; they don’t also sleep unless we shut them off. It can work with multitasks and works faster as well.

In conclusion, technology has taken control of our daily activities, which has helped to generate more income. The more we depend on technology, the more they overcome us.

Sample 3 In Many Countries, Crime Rates Amongst Younger People Have Been Rising

Nowadays, people are becoming more unemployed than in the past, which is the main cause of increasing crime rates. It this often argued that regulatory offences are increasing among youngsters. I will discuss cases and solutions to these issues in this essay in the following paragraph.

On the one hand, the growth of a number of regulatory offences is monitored daily. The main reason behind it is unemployment; it is quite easy to manipulate someone’s mind to do some offence by giving some money. Indeed, we know some individual person who has been unemployed for the last six months, and he needs money for daily routine activities. If we offer to do criminal activities for him and we will pay for them, there is an 80% probability he will commit those criminal activities.

On the other hand, Governments have to develop a number of employment and entrepreneurial activities along with general awareness guidelines, which help people to get a job in the market. With these activities, there is a chance to reduce the unemployment rate as we as the crime rate. For instance, if someone is utilizing their full-time work, he does not have enough time to think about anything apart from his work and family.

To conclude, if people have nothing to do, they are always engaged in those offensive activities; we cannot fully block all criminal activities; there are a few methods by using them we can reduce these activities, like solving the unemployment issues and new schemes for entrepreneurs. These types of sources help youngsters to stay away from criminal activities.

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