In Many Countries, Schools Have Severe Problems with Student Behaviour: Writing Task 2

In many countries, schools have severe problems with student behaviour. What do you think are the causes of this? What solutions can you suggest?

Sample 1 In Many Countries, Schools Have Severe Problems with Student Behaviour: Writing Task 2

Undoubtedly, in most nations, schools have critical difficulties with learners’ behaviour in the contemporary world for uncountable reasons. This essay will discuss the issue caused by the different causes and provide appropriate solutions in the forthcoming paragraphs.

To begin, why do schoolchildren misbehave in class because tutors are given corporal punishment for their mistakes, and when they do not achieve good academic results, which affects their behaviour? To elaborate, the majority of the students punish themselves physically and mentally in front of other classmates because they become aggressive in nature, not only because they do not cooperate with peers and teachers, which has numerous negative impacts on behaviour, such as being isolated. For instance, a survey conducted by experts in recent years found that six out of ten students were engaged in bad activities like abuses induced by harsh punishment that also affect the education domain. To tackle this, mentors should teach them effectively and practically. This can assist them in good manners as much as possible, as it might reduce misbehaviour.

To support the different views, there are numerous reasons why students do not respect their teachers, including a lack of parental guidance and excessive use of technological devices. Both partners have a hectic schedule as they are doing alternative types of jobs to fulfil their basic needs. Because of this, they do not have sufficient time for their children. Furthermore, after the absence of their parents, children see different sorts of advertising, which leads to negative aspects. To cite an example, a headline was published by the BBC ( British Broadcast Corporation) states that 67.5% of students engaged in awful activities due to a lack of parent meetings. They do not have a vast knowledge of how to speak with others in the class. To mitigate it, teachers should have parents’ meetings every month, by which parents can get experience related to the weaknesses and behaviour of students, then they can teach them.

To conclude, a higher ratio of learners leads to misbehaviour in schools because of corporal punishment and less parental attention. Yet it can be solved by individuals and mentors if they amicably teach them.

Sample 2 In Many Countries, Schools Have Severe Problems with Student Behaviour: Writing Task 2

Bulls and aggressiveness are becoming real problems at school. Every second class lessons are interrupted because of the negative attitude of some subjects towards their schoolmates. To properly address this problem, it is crucial to understand that the subjects who perpetrate such actions are not fully responsible for the way they behave. This essay will outline some motivations and solutions to this problem.

Genetic predisposition is the first cause of such rude behaviour. Scientists declared that if parents behave in an inappropriate manner in front of a baby, the chances that he/she will act accordingly will increase by 70%. The proof of this research was found in a little town in Alabama, where a lot of guardians were used to argue heavily in front of their newly-born sons. After ten years, they went to known by the teachers that their beloved boy or girl had beaten their schoolmate and could not stay calm in the classroom. However, the genetic theory was counterbalanced by education. In fact, the more the caretakers are prone to educate their offspring adequately, the less aggressive they will be.

Thus, what can be done to curb this turbulent situation? According to many scientific lecturers, the logic of compromise would be a good solution. In other terms, parents should reward their children if they act positively and punish them, always without beating them, when they behave wrongly. Such a method was adopted in New York City during a University experiment. Consequently, the scientists noted that the level of brutality literally plummeted in less than five months. Additionally, if this proposal is insufficient, it would be advisable to involve a social worker. With an appropriate intervention project, they would be really useful to solve all the matters.

In conclusion, there are many causes affecting the level of aggressiveness. Thanks to different solutions, it will be possible to solve them jointly without considering these individuals a problem for society.

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